Friday 29 July 2016

We had a Warhammer 40k game last week using the Tomorrows War rules.
The scenario was that an Imperial planet has developed a cult devoted to chaos and they have attempted a rebellion. The Planetary Governor has received information on the location of the cult leader and has ordered an imperial guard strike team to find and kill him. However the rebels have found out about the attack and are prepared for it.

Myself and Mick took the Imperial Guard while Rory and Tom took the rebels.

The Battlefield with the cult leader in the blue building.

The cult leaders personal guard prepare to lay down there lives for him.

Cultists stand ready to defend their master.

The Imperial guard begin their assault as the first Valkyrie lands.

The first guard unit evits the Valkyrie and fires on the cultists however they fail to hit anyone.

The second Valkyrie lands and the command squad disembarks.

The command squad fires on the cultists in the destroyed building.

The manage to wound one cultist.

A heavy bolter team exits the first Valkyrie.

A 2nd squad leaves the 2nd Valkyrie and immediately moves towards the building but they take fire and one man is wounded.

The guard return fire and two cultists go down.

The cultists fire again and another guardsman is wounded.

A missile launcher team disembarks and fires on the building and causes another 3 casualties.

Another guard squad moves around behind the blue building hoping to outflank the leaders bodyguard.

On the other side of the battlefield and even with casualties mounting the cultists fight on causing another guardsman casualty.

The missile launcher fires on the bodyguards however their armor stands up to the blast.

The launcher turns its attention towards the bunker managing to inflict one casualty.

One of the downed guardsmen recovers from his wound but as he checks on his comrades he finds their wounds are serious.

One of the wounded cultists perishes.

While another cultist recovers to find all of his squad are seriously wounded.


The guard captain leads his men to attack the cultists and although they take a casualty as they go in after a brutal melee they overwhelm the cultists.

Seeing their captain charge the missile launcher fires on the cultists on the other side of the building.

Wounding the last cultist still standing.

The Cult leader is spotted by the guard.

They assault into the building and take aim.

But before they can fire the leaders bodyguard jump in front of him and take the fire however their armour does its job and they are unharmed.

They return fire and cause one casualty.

The Missile launcher sees some bodyguard moving to assist the cultists in the red building and opens fire.
They cause one casualty.

Another cultist dies from his wounds while another recovers.

Seeing their comrades under fire another squad of bodyguards unleashes a volley of laser fire on their attackers.
Wounding the launchers loader and a rifleman.

Meanwhile at the other end of the battlefield the heavy bolter fires on the enemy bunker.
Inflicting 3 casualties.

The Guardsmen squad leader treis to inspire his men to charge.
But he takes a las shot before he can give the order.

We ran out of time at this point and we gave the rebels the victory because many of the Guard were injured or dead and the rebel leader was still alive along with all of his bodyguard.

Thanks For Reading