Saturday, 11 October 2014


We went down to Donington for this years Derby world wargames. The club game was situated next to the competition games this year the club brought an Apocalypse Now game which received many good comments and was joint top demonstration game. There was no bring and buy this year supposedly to make room for more traders but the space usually used was empty. I would suggest next year they put on a flea market as it would only take one or two people to organise.
 Other than that it was another good show from what i heard the traders seemed to do well and there seemed to be a good number of people through the door.I made two purchases one being the Mars Attacks starter game by Mantic games and the other being the DUST Tactics starter set.
And now to the pics starting with our game. I would just like to apologise for the poor lighting in the pictures.
 Apocalypse Now-Border Reiver Wargames Club

 The Battle Of Baghdad-The Boondock Sayntes

 Sheffield Wargames Club-Amazons Attack Athens

 Urban Construct-D-Day Beach Assault

 Old DWA-Relief of Fort St John

 STAGS Wargaming Club-Kaiserschlact: 1918

 Like a Stone Wall Wargames Group-Assault on Mons Salient

 GCN-Flames of War

 Grahams Wuerkshoppe-Oldhammer Elves & Empire vs Orcs

 Weston Hardy Combo-Race to the River (West Wall break-out)

 L'Ordre Mixte Club-Toulouse 1814

 Cobridge Old Contempibles-American Civil War

 Burton and District Wargames Club-Warmachine:Battle of Cloutdsdown Fen

 CROW-Venutius' Revenge

 Old Glory busy as usual.

Looking Forward to next year.

Thanks for Reading