Lock up Your Sheep is a blog about the weekly meetings of my local wargame club.
The Border Reivers
Our club meets every Wednesday between 7pm and 10pm at the clock tower at Blagdon Hall with space enough for up to three large tables
We are a small club with with about 8 regular members with more coming when work allows.
We play a variety of games including Ancients,Napoleonics,WW2,Warhammer 40k and many more.
There is no age limit all are welcome the price to attend is or £2.50 per visit.
 This blog will include:
1.Weekly club night reports
2.Details about the club show.Please look on the BORDER REIVER SHOW page for more details
3.Reports on other shows that we attend

If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment or send me an email at mwilson291@btinternet.com

 Otherwise you can visit the club website at http://borderreiverswargamessociety.co.uk/

 VIETNAM GAME 12/01/2013

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