Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Palmyrans v Romans

Its time for another Hail Caesar game so Neal brought along his 15mm Palmyrans to take on the Romans. The Roman objective was to capture the camp while the Palmyrans had the simple task of stopping them. Neal and Dave brought a welcome guest along so welcome to Scotty from the Newbiggin club.

On the Roman side i took the cavalry on the left flank, Tom took the cavalry on the right while Derek took the infantry in the centre.

The Palmyrans had Scotty with the cavalry on the right flank while Dave took the left flank and centre.

The Palmyran deployment.

The Romans

The Roman line advances.

I immediately threw a double 6 band blundered and had to fall back.

Tom advances on the Right flank

but only with part of his command

The Palmyrans charged Toms skirmishers who failed to evade and are destroyed.

Scotty advances with his skirmishers on the left flank.

Tom charges the exposed Palmyran cavalry who are forced to withdraw.

Roman positions with the left flank refused, well they refused to move anyway!

Daves cavalry return and try to turn Toms right flank while Scotty moves his skirmishing cavalry to attack the flank of the Roman infantry.

Toms cavalry are force back

While Derek suffers hits on his archers.

Derek turns a unit of archers to face the threat to his flank.

Shooting results in 2 hits.

and a fall back.

My cavalry suffers hits from closing fire having attempted to charge and falls back.

My skirmishers are more successful but fail to register any hits.

On the other flank Toms cavalry forces a unit of Dave's cavalry back but the other unit stands firm.

The Palmyrians on the right try to gang up on my cavalry!

while dave moves his skirmishers onto Toms flank

They take a casualty from shooting.

As do my cavalry.

Tom reorganises his troops ready to advance together.

I charge Scottys light infantry

The Roman centre advances.

Cavalry to their right.

Melee to their left.

8 hits from the Roman cavalry

The infantry are destroyed.

The cavalry have little choice but to carry out a sweeping advance retaining charge bonus into the Cataphracts

3 casualties  and they push them back. Stamina for the Roman cavalry however is up to 5. Its now a question of can the Roman cavalry hold out until the infantry close to administer the decisive blow in the centre. Its going to be touch and go.

They follow up again.

The Palmyran skirmishers fall back to support their cavalry.

The centre and right.

Missile fire is directed at the Roman infantry.

In the continuing fight on the left Scotty pushes bach the Roman cavalry with his Cataphracts

Toms cavalry are also pushed back.

Back on the left Roman light cavalry see off the skirmisher cavalry opposing them.

Finally Derek gets his infantry into contact with the Palmyran centre

The superior quality of the Roman heavy infantry immediately becomes apparent with 6 hits

Without reply.

The first of the Palmyran infantry routs off the table.

The process is repeated with the next unit.

The centre crumbles.

A third unit goes and a fourth is pushed back.

The camp lay at the mercy of the Roman infantry while the Catapracts on either flank had ran out of time to defeat their Roman opponents and fall on the rear of the Roman infantry.

An excellent game which demonstrated the superiority of the Roman infantry. The Palmyran Cataphracts would have made a big difference had they got the run of the dice. Neal plans to tinker with the cavaly units ready for a re run next week.

This weeks game is back to Napoleonics and again Napoleonic command rules with our biggest game to date with these. So its a British division against a French one each with a cavalry Brigade and we will be using my 28mm figures.