Wednesday, 12 March 2014

ACW fighting retreat.

The scenario involved a strong Union Division retreating across a ford pursued by 2 weak Confederate Brigades. Tom commanded the Union while Neal and Carl took a Confederate brigade each. We used Black Powder. The only special rule we used was the ferocious charge or 'Rebel Yell' for the Confederates giving them a re roll of 1 failed attack when charging.

The start positions with Neals Confederates on the left and Carls on the right. As can be seen the game was played length wise  over the table. The ford is protected by high ground on 4 sides. 

Both Reb brigades advance. 

Carls artillery fires. 

and misses. 

In Toms move he returns fire 

to no effect. 

Neal continues his advance but some of Carls stall. 

His artillery moves down the road. 

The 2 units that did move advance towards Toms artillery. 

Neal has deployed his columns into line. 

Tom responds by firing his guns 

Neals infantry begin a firefight in the next turn supported by artillery. 

3 hits and the unit is disordered. 

A second unit suffers a similar fate. 

This fusilade was less effective. 

no casualties but the unit is disordered. 

Carls infantry fire at the battery. 

In Toms go he returns fire. 

Casualties on the Rebel battery. 

The right wing of the Union line opens fire. 

but fail to halt the Rebel advance. 

Carls hesitant units advance. 

The bombardment of the Union lines continues. 

Closing fire fails to stop the Confederate charge. 

Neals units also charge home with supports. 

Carls brigade, his supports failed to advance. 

 Artillery fire is effective

and a  union unit fails its morale test and is destroyed.  

 The Confederates are undeterred by closing fire. 

The battery is destroyed. 

Tom was unable to move due to disorder so he opened up with musketry and artillery.

inflic ting casualties on several units.

The melee begin with closing fire failing to stop the attack.

with stalemate the result.

An overall view of the battlefield.

Carl attacks the exposed Union regiment.

Neal continues his assault.

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