Sunday, 3 July 2016

BP Glory Hallelujah

One of our members bought this Black Powder supplement when it came out so we decided to give it a run out last Wednesday. As usual though we used some house rules to add realism to the proceedings, One of these was used out of concern for players marching across the table 3 moves then blasting the enemy with musketry. Our solution to this involves the opponent firing at the end of the phasing players move. This firing takes place at any point of the movement. In addition we give disorder when the player making a saving throw throws a 1 rather than the firer throwing a 6.

We started the game with only the CinC from each side on the table. Each side then tried to get 2 units on, one move only to get on with a successful command roll, starting with the player who won priority.

The first units arrive. 

The Confederate artillery quickly occupy the high ground. Units on the table must be moved first if required before trying to bring on off table units.

Union cavalry hide behind the woods.

The Confederate CinC

Confederate smooth-bore artillery

Union infantry occupy the hill. Note we place the command stand on the flank until the unit uses its first fire bonus when it is then moved to the middle. Saves a bit of head scratching.

A view from the hill as the infantry fire on the enemy. Note command stand now in the centre.

Both Confederate cavalry squadrons are now on the table.

The Confederates return fire. We usually use blackened cotton wool for this but someone forgot to bring it!

Union artillery gallop to the top of the hill.

The Confederate  right flank. Note Union cavalry still hiding behind the woods.

Confederate artillery now supported on both flanks by their infantry.

The Confederate cavalry dismount and enter the woods.

Union troops are now massing in the centre.

Also threatening the Confederate right.

The Confederate infantry withdraw disordered,

These malingerers finally get onto the table.

The artillery finally have an effective target to aim at and inflict casualties.

The result being the infantry must take a morale test and throw 4 which with modifiers mean they are gone,

The cavalry hiding behind the wood also test as a result and throw double 1! and are dispersed. The other infantry unit also fails but only has to fall back.

A view from behind the Confederate lines.

Union cavalry finally appear in an attempt to outflank the Confederate right.

The Confederate infantry advance while the artillery adjust position to protect their flank against the threat from the Union cavalry.

Things are a bit tighter on the Confederate left

A view of the left/centre.

The game effectively ended when the gallant union cavalry attempted to charge the infantry flank across the Confederate guns and got blown to pieces with canister. In the excitement i forgot to photograph this. This left the field clear for the Confederate right to turn the Union left.

The changes we made seemed to work very well and we are going to do another game next Wednesday.


  1. It looks really great. IIRC in GH you can only move once and still fire and there is no first fire bonus dice.

    1. Didn't realise there was no first fire! Thanks for the correction Colin.

  2. Lovely looking game (now following). I am still not convinced that the 'potential' to move three times and till fire is a serious enough problem to address. The effects of GH fire rules (fire if only moving once) can discourage a player from taking those large moves - which are one of the main BP mechanism in achieving a dynamic game. Something I need to ponder a little more I think.

  3. Well done - love the beefy units!