Saturday, 13 April 2013

We had an Iraq game on Wednesday night using Darren's 20mm figures.
The scenario was a Black Hawk carrying a Delta force unit that had been shot down and crashed into the market area in a district controlled by insurgents. 2 units of US army infantry have been sent to extract them.
The American forces were controlled by Tom and Mick while the insurgents were controlled by myself and Derek making a welcome but rare appearance at the club.
 Game layout
American relief force
The crash site.
 1st insurgent unit.
2nd unit of insurgents. The 3rd unit was spread out in 3 buildings at the entrance.
The Delta force team splits into 3 units .With the 1st unit going to the roof of a nearby building. The sniper team taking up a covering position in the other building. While the third unit stayed by the Black Hawk to protect the injured pilots.
   The 1st unit of insurgents split into 2 groups. One group goes round the front of the market building.
While the second goes round the back.
The 1st unit of Delta's head to the roof of the market building.
Killing 1 insurgent and lightly wounding another on the way.
The American relief force prepare to move to the crash site in their Strykers.
The group of insurgents that went round the front are wiped out by the Delta.
The 1st unit of Delta's reach the rooftop.
the 2nd unit of insurgents open fire lightly wounding a Delta.
The Delta sniper team open fire on the insurgents killing 2 and wounding another.
3 members of the 3rd unit of insurgents upon seeing the approaching Strykers flee from the building they were in.
The Strykers move up and massacre the 3 insurgents.
What is left of the 1st unit of insurgents take shelter in the market building
5 insurgents move to the ground floor. While the remaining 3 are quickly killed by sniper and M16 fire.

The Strykers move through the the town relatively unchallenged
Insurgent reinforcements arrive.
A RPG opens fire on one of the Strykers causing no damage. He is then quickly killed by the Strykers automated 50cal.
The Strykers continue towards the crash site.
A group of insurgent reinforcements move toward the crash site.
The Delta's on the roof see the Strykers and move to cover the injured pilots.
The Strykers arrive at the crash site.
The pilots are escorted to the Strykers.
A unit of US infantry gets out of one of the Strykers to allow the injured to get in.
The remnants of the 1st unit of insurgents charge the nearby Stryker.
Not the best idea.
One of the Strykers is hit by 3 RPG rounds from the building across the square receiving damage making them only able to move half speed. It returns fire and kills all 3 shooters. A group of Delta's also hot wire a truck.
 Seeing the Delta's get into the truck a RPG armed insurgent bursts out of the shop and fires at the truck.
Destroying it although all the Delta's get out safely.The shooter is quickly killed.
The Delta's and Infantry follow the Strykers.The sniper is fired at by AK47 fire and is lightly wounded. His attackers are then killed.
The Strykers start to leave the town.
A Delta goes for the second truck.
The infantry hot wire a third truck.
The 2nd truck starts to leave the square.
One of the Strykers goes round the corner and is fired at by 3 RPG's.They cause no damage.
You can probably guess what happened next.

One of the units of reinforcements comes round the corner and the RPK opens fire on the 2nd truck destroying it. The other 4 armed with AK47's fire on the driver but he survives unscathed.

We called it a day at this point and the Americans claimed victory after killing most of the insurgents and not losing a single man.

Back to base for a bit of supper.

We used the rules CONTACT

Next up is Napoleonics on Wednesday Mick will be doing that report.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. I like the way you write up your reports. Nice table too, Thanks.