Friday, 11 October 2013


We had a Vietnam game on Monday using mine and Micks figures and using the rules Cold War Commander.
The scenario was a Huey had crashed and two platoons of Americans have been sent to secure the area so a medical Huey can evacuate the survivors but Viet Cong and NVA are suspected to be operating in the area.
Mick and Tom took the Viet Cong and NVA while myself and Derek took the Americans.
The crashed Huey and its survivers.

Two platoons of Americans are despatched to secure the crash site.

Having seen the crash local Viet Cong gather and move to look for survivers.

The Americans continue towards the crash site.

A unit of Viet Cong burst out of the tall grass and rush toward the survivors.

The survivors still able to use their rifles open fire on the oncoming VC.

They manage to suppress them.

Hearing the gunfire the other units of VC also charge towards the crash.
Also hearing the gunfire the Americans quicken the pace.

Two units of VC open fire on the survivors suppressing them.

A unit of VC opens fire on the crash site but accidentley kills ten of their own men "WHOOPS".

The Americans continue through the jungle.

But one unit moves into open ground and are fired at by an NVA MG team becoming suppressed in the process.

One of the American platoons come into view of the crash site.

The VC command unit is suppressed by friendly fire.

The VC open fire on the survivors and cause a casualty but cannot suppress them.

The Americans continue.

A unit of Americans fire on the NVA bunker but cause no damage.

One of the platoons moves to attack the VC.

The VC fire first suppressing one unit and forcing them to retreat.

The other platoon takes cover in the crash wreckage.

The Americans suppress a unit of VC.

The VC suppress a unit of Americans and close in on the crash site.

A large force of NVA appear waiting in ambush.

More VC appear from the village.

The dug in Americas suppress two units of VC.

VC and Americans exchange fire and one unit of Yanks are suppresed as is a unit of VC and another unit is wiped out.

The VC unit closest to the crash site is destroyed by the survivors.

The Yanks secure a landing site for the evac Huey but they fail to call it in.

The Americans prepare for a fresh VC assault.

The NVA mortar opens fire on the dug in Yanks but cause no casualties.

The NVA close in.

The evac Huey is called in while American infantry manages to suppress 5 units of VC and a unit of NVA.

A RPG team is pushed back and suppressed by M16 fire.

A unit of NVA are killed by American gunfire.

The NVA continue the attack and cause two casualties on the dug in Americans.

Two more NVA units are suppressed.

An American unit fires and suppresses a unit of VC to their left.

The NVA fearlessly continue the attack.

The NVA mortar continues its bombardment causing one casualty on a unit.

The evac Huey lands and the crash survivors load up.

A Huey gunship appears and fires its rockets and suppresses two units of NVA.

 It then fires its mounted Miniguns and suppresses a third unit.

A unit of American infantry charges a unit of VC.

Another unit of NVA is destroyed.

The Americans are victorious in the hand to hand combat and kill all the VC facing them.

The Evac Huey is suppressed by the NVA mortar as it attempts to take off.

The NVA close in.

They suppress a unit of infantry.

The Huey gunship destroys the NVA mortar with its Miniguns.

The American infantry fire is too much and two more NVA units are destroyed.

 With the survivors aboard the evac Huey takes off and leaves the battlefield with its gunship escort.

At this point we finished with the Americans as the victors after evacuating the survivors and not losing a single base while the VC and NVA suffered significant casualties.

Thanks for Reading