Wednesday, 2 October 2013


It was down to the Derby show this weekend where the club was putting on a Battle for Trafalgar Square demo game. yself and Mick went down on Friday afternoon checked in to our hotel and went for some food with the other club members who had managed to make it down.  We  got to the venue on Saturday morning at about 9 o'clock to help set the game up.  Having not seen the game before i was really impressed,  it seemed to get a lot of good reviews.
We then went for the annual Indians with the lads from  Pendraken  and Colonel bills and Ainsty and after a sizable quantity of alcohol had been drunk it was back to the hotel to sleep it off.The Sunday was a little quieter but the game got alot of attention.We were packed up and away by half past three and home for about half six.
The venue had improved from last year, the toilets had been done out as had the cafeteria but the noise of the racetrack is still pretty annoying and it isn't particularly warm.   It is improving but i still favour the university.
There was a good mix of traders and some good looking games and from what I've heard most of the traders had relatively good takings.
Anyway onto the pictures. I  tried to get as many of the games photographed as i could.
Derby Wargames Club-Battle For Tunisia 1943
Border Reiver Wargames Club-The Battle For Trafalgar Square 1984
Like a Stone Wall Wargames Group-Flodden 1513

The Gentlemen Gamers-Baghavard 1745

Wings of Glory Aerodrome-WW1 and WW2 Air Combat

Skirmish Wargamers-54mm Sudan

KB Club-Sci-Fi
The following are some models used in this game made using a home 3D printer. Iadded the pencil for scale. This technology is rapidlr improving and the detail on these models and figures is excellent. Its the first time i have seen figures made using this process.

Stoke on Trent Wargames Group-Battle of Balaclava
Fresh from the Punjab!
Leicester Phat Cats-Valley of Tears, Arab Israeli wars.
Westbury Wargamers-Bicocca 1522
Burton and District Wargames Club-Dystopian Wars
Plastic Soldier-Fall Of The Third Reich
First Corps-Medieval Jousting
Lance and Longbow Society-Battle of Hedgeley Moor 1464
Society of Ancients-Battle of Bosworth
Micks Purchases
Perry Russian limber

Perry Austrian limber.

Perry Russian guns, a 6lbr and a Licorn.
My Purchases
Dropzone Commander Starter Set
Sopwith Tri Plane from Caliver Books
Star Wars B wing also from Caliver
10mm Zulu War Figures from Pendraken
Overall a good weekend Booze Curry Wargames the greatest combination
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