Thursday, 26 September 2013


We had a game of SAGA on Monday using my Vikings and Normans and John's Welsh and Anglo-Danes. We did the A feast for crows scenario from the saga rulebook.


Each faction started on a corner the Vikings bottom right the Normans bottom left the Anglo-Danes top left and the Welsh top right.

The Vikings.

The Normans.

The Anglo-Danes.

The Welsh.

The Normans,Anglo-Danes and the Welsh move forward but the Vikings stay still.

The Anglo-Danes move towards the tree line.

 They are spotted by the Welsh who take up positions to attack.

The Normans continue forward.

The Vikings realising they have not been spotted move towards the Norman flank.

The Norman general and his knights eager for blood foolishly charge ahead of the main force.

While the archers and spear infantry try to keep up.

The Anglo-Danes move into the woods.

The Welsh slinger's open fire on the Anglo-Danish archers as they enter the trees.

But they only manage to kill one.

The Anglo-Danish archers turn to face the Welsh.

The Vikings continue towards the Norman flank.

The Normans continue forward oblivious to the impending danger.

The Norman general and his knights spot the Welsh.

The general charges alone into the Welsh spearmen.

He manages to kill one man and forces the others to retreat.

The Norman infantry try frantically to catch up with their general.

 The Anglo-Danish warlord attacks the Norman general with his Huscarls in support.

The warlord is defeated but two of his Huscarls sacrifice themselves to save him.

The Anglo-Danish archers fire on the Welsh slingers.

Killing four of them.

The slingers return fire.

Killing two.

The Welsh light cavalry throw a volley of javelins at the Anglo-Danish archers.

Killing two of them.

The Welsh warlord and his bodyguards move into the woods.

The Vikings prepare to launch their attack on the Norman flank.

The Norman general charges the Anglo-Danish warlord.

After a brutal confrontation in which the Norman general is the victor he attempts to deliver the killing blow but a huscarl takes it instead and the warlord takes the opportunity to unhorse the general and kill him.

 Having lost their general and finally realising they have been outflanked by the Vikings the whole Norman force retreats off the battlefield.

The Anglo-Danish archers fire on the Welsh cavalry inflicting one casualty.

 The Welsh slingers once again open fire on the Anglo-Danish archers.

Killing two of them.

 With the Normans now gone and craving blood the Vikings run towards the sound of fighting.

The Anglo-Danes continue to fight.

The light cavalry once again fire their javelins at the archers.

Inflicting four casualties on them.

The slingers kill the last remaining archer.

The Vikings try desperately to get to the action.

Perilously outnumbered the remaining Anglo-Danes move out of range of the Welsh.

Seeing the Welsh warlord the Vikings move to attack him.

A lone Huscarl moves to attack the Welsh.

Realising he wouldn't get close he decides to pull back.

The Welsh warlord and his bodyguard move to confront the Viking archers.

The Welsh slingers move to assist their warlord.

Seeing the Viking archers preparing to fire on their warlord the slingers charge them and are defeated losing two men and inflicting one casualty.

The Welsh warlord moves forward and throws a javelin at one of the archers and kills him.

We ran out of time at this point. Adding up the victory points resulted in  a draw between Tom and John with 6 points each.

On Friday i will be going down to Derby where the club is putting on The Battle Of Trafalgar Square so i will do a report on the show then we will be doing an ACW game on Monday.

Thanks For Reading