Thursday, 5 September 2013

The Spanish ulcer, well it gave me one anyway!

 For a change we had a Spanish v French game at the club the other night using Daves excellent collection of 15mm figures. The Spanish proved to be quite a challenge but not as great a one as that of the dice Gods.

Tom - French
Mick - Spanish
Dave - umpire
Rules - GdeB

Objectives- The Spanish to defend the gap between the high ground and the village and prevent the French from advancing off the table behind their set up positions. The French must leave the table in good order at any point between the high ground and the village behind the Spanish. 

Initial set up of the Spanish forces.

 The French set up with their infantry using their secret new teleportation machine to switch them from their right wing to the left without me noticing, a very cunning plan!

The opposing forces. 

The French advance begins as the Spanish move towards a a position threatening the artillery flank if they continue to advance.

The French head for the high ground planning to outflank the Spanish position. 

The French continue over the high ground as the Spanish respond to the threat by starting to switch their forces to their right flank.  Casualties were exchanged from artillery and musketry.

Order changes for the French. 

Spanish skirmishers engage their French counterparts.

French moves continue while the Spanish skirmishers charge  their counterparts.

The Spanish are forced to retreat. 

 Spanish columns consolidate their right flank.

As the French continue to flank their position. 

Spanish casualties mount. 

Finally a French casualty from Spanish musketry. 

The position doesn't look too bad for the Spanish but the quality of their troops is suspect being 2nd line. 

More casualties for the French. 

Spanish skirmishers return to the fray. 

While their opponents continue to harass the Spanish line. 

Spanish artillery continues to fire at the French but with limited success  

Spanish columns prepare to assault having succeeded in changing their orders. 

French artillery advance. 

The French prepare to receive their opponents charge. 

The Spanish hesitate! 

and open fire instead. 

A French line succeeds in charging their Spanish opponents 

Who retire leaving their adjacent colleagues  to take the brunt of the charge.

The Spanish finally attempt to charge their Gallic adversaries 

but they too fail to charge home. 

Pressure is building up with faltering and retiring Spanish units but a successful Brigade morale test steadies the line...... for the time being.

French artillery prepare to take up positions to the rear of the Spanish columns. 

Spanish resolve begins to wither... 

as the French prepare to administer the coup de gras.

An enjoyable game despite some abysmal luck with the dice and some inspired dice work by Tom who was happy to remind me of the two double one morale throws he got during a recent Wars of the Roses game which shattered his centre. As they say 'shit happens' but as long as it doesn't affect the enjoyment of the game that's all that matters.

Next week will be a debut outing for Carls 10mm Spartacus game using Hail Caesar. No doubt he will be doing the report on that one.

Thanks to Dave for putting the game on.



  1. Thanks Scotty. Thanks to NeAl turning up we probably got the rules right too!