Saturday, 14 September 2013

Third Servile War

We had a game on Monday using my Spartacus rebellion figures.
We just did a straight battle with two roman legions facing a large force of slaves.
Myself,Pete and Dave took the slaves while Tom and John took the Romans.
The battlefield with the slaves towards the bottom of the picture and the Romans toward the top.
The slave infantry.

Tom's Romans.

Spartacus(Grey horse) with his bodyguard.

Castus's slaves(far left) start to move forward while Gannicus's slave cavalry move forward as well.

The slave cavalry commanded by Gannicus.

Toms Romans advance while Johns hold their ground.

The slave infantry continue their advance toward the Romans.

Castus infantry(closest) and Crixus infantry(top).

Johns Romans continue to hold position in face of the oncoming horde of slaves.

 Johns Romans.

Castus's slaves.

Johns Romans finally move toward the enemy.

Castus's archers open fire on the Romans causing one casualty.

The Romans retreat out of range of the archers.

The slave cavalry move up to support the slave flank.

The slave skirmishers fire on johns Romans but cause no casualties.

A unit of slave cavalry move to outflank the roman left while the slave centre holds position.

Castus's slave skirmishers move out of the way as the Romans prepare to charge.

The Romans charge but fall short and a unit takes a casualty from slinger fire.

The roman move toward the slave archers and take another two casualties.

Castus's slaves and Johns Romans face off.

Two slave war bands brutally clash with a unit of Romans.

The trained slaves under Castus's command also clash with a unit of Romans.

The war bands lose their combat against the Romans with one war band fleeing the field and the other is pushed back.

The slaves have no time to rest however as the Romans pursue them.

The remaining two war bands charge two units of Romans.

The Romans fighting the trained slaves are reinforced.

The slaves and Romans slug it out.

Toms Romans charge the slave archers while a unit of Romans move to secure the left flank.

The slave cavalry open fire on a unit of Romans but cause no casualties.

The battle in full flow.

Both sides take casualties.

Castus joins in the fighting as does Johns commander.

During the melee John's commander is killed and the roman casualties start to build up.

The slave cavalry form up on the roman flank.

Another war band routs after taking too many casualties from combat.

The trained slaves are overwhelmed and are routed.

Castus and his remaining slaves manage to beat two units of Romans who proceed to leave the field in fear.Castus and his remaining men then decide to retreat from the field.

Crixus's slaves in the centre finally move into combat.

Two units of slave cavalry open fire on the Romans but only cause one casualty.

A unit of light slave infantry open fire on a unit of Romans and inflict one casualty and force the Romans to retreat out of range.

Crixus's trained slaves lose their combat and are pushed back.

But they charge straight back in again this time accompanied by a war band.

An order towards one of the roman units is misheard and they instead charge toward a unit of slave cavalry who evade the Romans.

The battlefield at 10 o clock.

At this point we finished we gave the victory to the Romans because the ones who had defeated Castus's slaves were about to flank Crixus's forces and we surmised the slaves would have been overwhelmed.

A very enjoyable game but i need more slaves so as it can be a evenly matched fight.

Next up on Monday Wings Of War

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