Thursday, 3 April 2014

Palmyrians v Romans again!

We had an game of Hail Ceaser on Wednesday using Neals 15mm figures. The battle was between forces of the Palmyrans and the Romans.

Myself and Dave took the Palmyrans while Tom and Mick took the Romans and Neal was the umpire.

The Romans.

Roman cavalry.

Roman infantry.

Roman allies.

The Palmyrans.

Palmyran Cataphracts.

The Palmyran general.

The Roman general.

The Palmyran right flank advances.

As does the centre.

The Roman light cavalry and the Palmyran horse archers fire on each other.

The Roman cavalry move up.

The Romans miss but the horse archers retreat.

The Palmyran left flank advances.

But the centre stalls.

The Cataphracts prepare to charge the Romans. The Palmyran archers open fire on the Roman light cavalry.

They inflict three casualties.

The Romans return fire and also inflict three casualties.

The Palmyran centre moves up.

The archers fire again.

They cause one casualty causing the Roman lights to retreat.

The other unit of archers fires on the Romans and causes one casualty.

The archers in Palmyran centre fire at the Roman cavalry and inflict two casualties.

The Palmyran horse archers on the left flank fire on the Roman slingers killing one.

The Roman lights close in to get an easier shot at the Palmyrans.

Roman cavalry fail to charge home.

Cavalry division on the left is stretched to breaking point.

Outnumbered Roman skirmishers on the right.

Roman cavalry throw their javelins and score a hit.

On in initiative the Palmyran infantry pull back behind the Cataphracts.

On the right their cavalry charge.

In the centre the Cataphracts attempt to charge.

The Roman cavalry begin to collapse.

Smurfs infiltrate the battlefield!

The situation for the Roman cavalry deteriorates rapidly.

A unit is destroyed.

Another is forced to withdraw.

In the next Roman go their left wing begins to recover and form a coherent line.

The Roman commander has only one unit under his direct command.

Roman skirmishers outflank their counterparts.

The Roman CinC sensing that desperate action is required goes for the death or glory option and charges a unit of Cataphracts hoping to break through and capture the enemy camp.

Roman left.

The Roman CinC and his lone heavy cavaly unit defeat the Cataphracts.

Opting for a breakthrough follow up they head for the enemy camp and victory.

Palmyran horse archers on the flank of the Roman cavalry while the Cataphracts about face.

The archers fire on the Romans

who are forced to withdraw.

Roman infantry on the right advance.

while their main body finally advance also.

The Roman CinC and his cavalry are attacked in the flank and turn to face.

A Roman unit is destroyed

On the right the casualties are mounting.

while the CinC is in  a desperate battle for survival.

but his unit breaks.

The battle in the centre results in the Palmyran CinC being put out of action while his infantry run away

Another unit is destroyed by the Romans

The cataphracts are left to face the Roman infantry

which they succeed in pushing back.

The outcome remained in the balance but the Roman cavalry division on the left was broken.

The Palmyran camp, the main Roman objective, remained intact.

This was a really interesting game and enjoyed by all concerned. The inertia of the Roman infantry for virtually the whole game made it almost impossible for them to achieve their objective and resulted in their CinC leading a desperate break through attempt to capture the camp which ultimately failed thanks to the quick reactions of the Palmyrian commander.

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