Saturday, 16 August 2014

 We had a 6mm WW2 game at the club using Darren's British and Germans.
 Tom took the Germans who were defending against the Allied onslaught after D-Day.
Myself and Mick took the British.
 The rules we used were MICRO ARMOUR
The British. 

 The Germans.

 The British Cromwell's advance on the right flank.

 A German Pak 40 fires and destroys a Cromwell.

 The British return fire but cause no damage.

 A second unit of tanks move forward but are immediately fired upon by German tanks losing two of their number while another is suppressed. 

 British tanks move up the left flank but run into similar trouble and their two leading tanks are destroyed. 

 British artillery fire smoke in front of the German tanks.

 The Germans continue firing on the British on the right destroying another six tanks. The British return fire but only manage to suppress 1 tank and a Pak 40.

 Another British tank is destroyed on the left flank.

 Three more tanks are destroyed but the British continue on.

 The British half tracks surge forward.

 The British artillery fire and causes the Germans their first casualty of the battle a Pak 40.

 The British call in two Typhoons who easily destroy two German tanks.

 The British struggle on the right flank losing two more tanks but they destroy a Pak 40 in return.

 Yet more casualties for the British two more tanks in flame.

 The remaining British forces on the right try push forward but their fire is ineffective.

 The Typhoons target the Germans near the buildings and manage to destroy two Stugs.

 Another British tank destroyed.

 And another.

 A half track shields a tank from enemy fire and is destroyed. 

 The half tracks fire on the dug in German infantry but score no hits and they lose one of their own to enemy tank fire.

We ended the game here with about 80% of the British forces destroyed so we gave the Germans the victory.

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