Sunday, 30 November 2014

War of the League of Augsburg

This was a  game to run through Pike and Shotte rules which i am, lets say, unfamiliar with. I'm also unfamiliar withe the War of the League of Augsburg so if i've got the sides the wrong way round i'll apologise now! We used the clubs figures which are kept on the premises.  I should point out that they were painted by Dave Huntley, otherwise known as The Northumbrian Wargamer We need to expand the collection as the artillery have no guns and we are a bit short of cavalry. We've got none!

The other problem is the notes have disappeared so this will be picture heavy.  
Initial dispositions, Jacobites at the top with the Williamites forces at the bottom.


Tom- Williamites
Dave- Jacobites
Disinterested observer-Carl

The Jacobites with 2 Brigades.

Williamites also with 2 brigades. 

A few close ups of the different units.

The Jacobite advance begins.

A view from their right flank.

The left flank lags behind.

Tom and his Williamites hold their ground.

The Jacobite left flank gain momentum.

Three views from behind the Jacobite lines.

Tom advances his right flank.

Both sides have redcoats and greycoats, bloody confusing!

Some welcome yellow coats!

The opposing lines converge.

Another view of Daves excellent brushwork.

A bit of a firefight begins here. 

These rules have a plug bayonets rule but once this is done they can't be removed again.

Both sides attempt to wear down the opposition prior to fixing bayonets and charging home.

Casualties mount.

Both lines face off waiting for the other to waver.

All of the units have hits recorded against them. I should point out that coloured dice indicate disorder.

Tom moves his unit up in support.

Daves Jacobites are pushed back to the road.

With plugged bayonet the melee begins on the Williamite right flank with the Jacobites charging home.

The Jacobites are pushed back.

This melee proved inconclusive.

Firefights continued around them.

The Williamite right.

Hand to hand fighting continues.

Things take another turn for the worse for the Jacobites with this dice throw, no saves!

As the Jacobite right begins to retreat under the broken brigade rule Tom turn one of his regiments to face the other brigade.

The Willianite left.

Gaps are appearing on the Jacobite left also.

With their right flank broken and the left collapsing it was a clear victory for the Williamite forces of good.

As the rather dodgy umpire i really enjoyed this game. As with all Black Powder rules my defence is that you cant get anything wrong as they encourage players to do their own thing. I'm not sure that would stand up in a court of law though.

Thanks for looking.



  1. Might have been a great battle to play! Beautiful pictures, your armies are really fantastic...and happy to see this period played in your club too!

  2. Excellent looking game, just love the figures!!