Wednesday, 23 July 2014

15mm Quatra Bras

Dave brought his excellent collection of 15mm 1815 Dutch Belgian and French to the club for a Quatre Bras refight of the opening French attack on the Allied defenders. We used General de Brigade rules.

The table 

The Allied left

and right

Facing the French advance.

Dutch battery.

The view from the French positions.

The French advance, Neal on the left

Carl on the right.

My cavalry advance to support the garrison on the left flank of the Allied line.

The French close on the Dutch /Belgian defenders.

On the right Carls columns leave the road protected by their skirmish screen.

A view from behind the Allied cavalry.

The French move to within firing range.

French cavalry finally enter the battlefield.

Skirmishers face off against each other.

The massed French columns prepare for the assault.

as the Allied infantry lie in wait.

The French skirmishers take casualties.

The artillery prepare to fire.

Carls columns advance through the hedges.

The garrison lie in wait.

Allied cavalry succeed in changing their orders and advance towards the French.

Casualties on the Dutch skirmishers.

The Dutch cavalry are disordered after moving through the hedges.

Columns of French cavalry support their infantry.

and are targeted by the enemy artillery.

The French artillery also open fire.

On their right flank the French, threatened by cavalry, form squares.

French positions on the left flank as Neal prepares his assault.

The allied cavalry has reformed.

The French await their charge but the Allied cavalry lack artillery support and and sensibly hold their ground.

The French cavalry advance to oppose the Allied cavalry.

The French forces prepare to assault all along the Allied line with Infantry, cavalry and artillery.

The cavalry declare a charge.

While the Belgian infantry take casualties.

French casualties begin to mount.

The decisive moment in the battle approaches.

Opposing cavalry succeed in charging home. 

Allied musketry proves to be accurate.

The French cavalry win the melee and their opponents will  fall back but their own horses are blown.

On the left flank the French columns, devastated by musketry fail their morale tests resulting in a Brigade test which they also fail.

With the French left shattered the right is left exposed and retreat becomes inevitable as the expected reinforcements are nowhere to be seen.

The French commanders agreed the battle was lost and the Allies were victorious.

An excellent game enjoyed by all.


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