Tuesday, 15 July 2014

 We had a game of Blitzkrieg Commander on Wednesday using my figures.
 American Objective
Clear the village of any Germans and defend against any counterattack.
 German Objective
Hold the village at all costs.
 I took the Gerry's while Tom took the Yanks
 The Battlefield German units were hidden in various places.

 The American infantry approach the village supported by a unit of Sherman tanks. 

 The tanks move ahead of the infantry.

 A mortar round lands in the trees and the Americans prepare for the fight.

 A pair of MG42's reveal themselves and open fire on the oncoming American infantry.

 They kill a unit of Americans.

 A mortar round lands on the lead Sherman suppressing it. A second Sherman moves up and suppresses one of the MG's.

The unsuppressed MG fires on an American MG suppressing it. 

 Seeing the Sherman's about to open fire on the MG's the German mortars fire smoke to stop them.

 The mortars fire more smoke as the MG teams make their escape.

 The Americans occupy a building.

 The German mortars suppress two units of infantry.

 American MG teams fire on their German counterparts killing one team.

 The mortars once again lay down smoke.

 They then suppress a tank and a unit of infantry.

 One Sherman leaves the others and goes looking for the mortars.

 Another tank does the same.

But it is fired upon by German infantry in a building using Panzerfaust. 

 The Germans successfully destroy the Sherman.

 Another tank is suppressed allowing the remaining German MG to escape.

 German infantry move out of a ruined building towards the action.

 Unfortunately we ran out of time at this point. We assumed that the Germans would've won if we'd had more time as the mortars were creating havoc and Mick having just realised that the mortars only had to hit a tank on a 4+ up to this point we had been hitting on a 6+. If we had done that from the beginning there would have been alot more burning metal on the field.

Mick will be doing a report of a Napoleonic game we played last week in the next few days.

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Carl Wilson
Empires at War Ltd

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