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Salamanca 1812- the French rearguard.


Although we were using Black Powder rules for this game the scenario was taken from the Wellingtons victories scenario book 5 from the  General de Brigade series.

As French Divisions crumbled one after another as a result of Wellingtons brilliantly planned and executed assault on their positions General of Division Ferey placed his intact Division across the line of the British advance. As night approaches its Fereys job to hold back the jubilant British and prevent the complete destruction of the French army.


  1. British-To take the ridge or break both French Brigades 
  2. French-Hold the ridge and avoid the British victory conditions
  3. A player is deemed in control of the ridge if he has more close order units of good morale on the ridge than the enemy. 

French- Anywhere on the ridge line. Must place one unit in square at either end of their line as flank guards.
British-within 12 inches of their base line. Reinforcements may enter anywhere along the line.

Special rules

If one French Brigade breaks the other must test morale.
French squares may redeploy into line or column if enemy units approach within 12 inches but must pass an order to do so.
British general may automatically rally one unit he is in base to base contact with. This applies to only one unit during the game and reflects the high morale of the victorious British.
Skirmish screens on both sides are permanently detached from their parent units.


Tom took the French
Carl took the British infantry brigade and cavalry reinforcements (arrive turn 4)
I took the British infantry and the Portuguese reinforcements (arrive turn 2)

The initial deployments showing a brigade each of British and Portuguese infantry. The French are deployed along the ridge with their backs to the woods.

British skirmishers advance 

The French respond by advancing their own skirmishers 

The first casualties on the French, blue dice denotes disorder.

A French column advances to a new position. 

The British take casualties. 

Turn 2 and the Portuguese arrive. They are positioned behind the right hand Brigade which has advanced ahead of them. 

The left hand British brigade is not so keen to advance. 

French skirmishers attempt to flank the British. 

The French are now deployed in a long line stretching the full length of the ridge ready to repel the British.

The right British Brigade  fails to advance but the Portuguese close the gap on them.

The British artillery take casualties from their French counterparts. 

French skirmishers again take casualties. 

In the next French turn skirmisher fire destroys the British skirmisher screen as the 95th fail their morale test despite a re roll! 

The unprotected British left flank Brigade. 

The faltering pursuit had another sting in it tail when the inept commander of the Portuguese Brigade (me) threw a double 6. 

The blundering units had to advance to their front quarter so not much damage! 

The unprotected British  on the left are menaced by swarms of French skirmishers. Fortunately for us British we realised they were disordered .... 

and they returned to their original positions, another typical shabby French trick thwarted! 

The British deploy into line and advance through their skirmish screen. 

British guns limber up but fail to advance. 

The Portuguese skirmishers advance. 

And they open fire on the French square to great effect. 

The position at the end of the British turn. Note the position of one of the Portuguese units which had blundered on its order and retreated. 

The French advance to open fire on the British at short range. 

A nice target for the French artillery. 

The entire line opens fire. 

Several hits here but crucially no disorder. 

One of the columns on the left flank isn't so lucky. 

Another escapes the fire in good order. 

 The fire of the disordered French artillery is ineffective.

The British declare some charges and prepare to receive closing fire. 

British cavalry reinforcement finally arrive on the right flank as planned. 

British units that did not charge open fire. 

Casualties are inflicted. 

French closing fire fails to stop the British. 

The British column defeats the French line. 

The unit breaks after throwing 3. 

A familiar sight for the redcoats. 

The British decide to advance onto the ridge. 

 Another French unit disintegrates and flees the field.

Again the victorious British advance onto the ridge. 

The position on the Allied right wing 

and on the left wing. Gaping holes appear in the French line. 

Having attempted to consolidate their remaining units on the ridge it becomes clear that the Allies have enough units ready to advance onto the ridge in their turn to secure the victory conditions and victory was declared for the Allies with several moves to spare. 

A really enjoyable game which i'm sure would be even better with GdeB rules. I'll do that sometime.

It was a big decision by Tom to advance towards the British and leave the ridge. Fortunately for us his annoying ability to throw sixes when firing deserted him and enough of our units remained in good order to launch a number of successful attacks against the French lines. A series of low morale throws sealed his fate ensuring that history repeated itself.

Thanks for reading.

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