Thursday, 5 June 2014

We had a game of Blitzkrieg Commander on Wednesday using my Americans and British and Toms Germans.

The local resistance has informed the Allies that a nearby village has been occupied and is being used by the Germans as a rearguard position. Acting on this information the Allies have dispatched 3 squadrons of Sherman's and 3 squads of American infantry they are supported by a company of British Paratroopers.

 The Battlefield

The Americans on the right and the British on the left.

This squadron includes a Pershing.

The British move forward.

The Sherman's move forward but are fired upon by a pair of Pak 88s and one tank is suppressed.

The Paks fire again and they destroy one tank and suppress another.

The British continue forward without incident.

The Pak's suppress another Sherman.

The Sherman's return fire and destroy a Pak.

The remaining Pak destroys another tank.

But is itself destroyed by three other tanks.

German Mortars open fire on the British and suppress two units.

German infantry and MGs reveal themselves and fire on the British killing eight men.

The Sherman's move forward with their infantry supports.

The German mortars fire again and suppress one unit.

The German infantry and the British paras exchange fire with two units suppressed on each side.

The tanks surge forward while the infantry try to keep up.

The Mortars fire once again and suppress one unit.

The German infantry fire on the paras and kill four of them.

Two Sherman's move up to a hedge and spot a large group of German infantry.

Two Pak 40's reveal themselves and destroy a Sherman.

The other Sherman's fire on one of the Pak 40's and suppress it.

Unfortunately we ran out of time at this point and with no clear victor we decided it was a draw.

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  1. Beautiful report, your table is really impressive! Great looking armies too, especially like your Pak 88s's stand...