Saturday, 11 July 2015

Dark Ages Hail Caesar game.

Normans v Vikings.

We welcomed a new member to the club the week before last and he opted to watch from the sidelines as the rest of us fought out a straight forward encounter between these two old foes. This is mainly a picture heavy post but i will add more notes when i get the time. 

Tony, our new member, brought some of his toys to the club for us to look at and pretty impressive they were too. He is an Ancients specialist and showed off some of his Biblical collection. As soon as we get to game with some of these i'll make sure to post a report. It will be well worth seeing.

Anyway back to the pictures.

Me and Tom took the Normans

Dave and Carl took the Vikings

Viking archers move into the woods on the flanks

Normans advance.

Norman archers having advanced into range of their Viking counterparts take a casualty.

Protecting the flanks of their advancing cavalry

The rest of the Normans begin to advance.

Viking left wing closes the gap to the woods

Archers face off on the Norman left

Norman archers fail their test and are destroyed.

Viking shield wall receives the Norman cavalry.

The Norman right advances, well some of them do anyway!

The shieldwall holds firm.

and the Norman cavalry fall back disordered

The fight to their flank is indecisive,

On the Norman right their cavalry and infantry attack the shieldwall while their archers are preoccupied with dealing withe their Viking counterparts in the woods to the rear.

The Normans fall back disordered.

The infantry fight will continue into the next turn.

Back on the other flank the melee continues

The Viking shieldwall has done its job well and they begin to get the upper hand

The Norman line is being pushed back in several places and on closer inspection it became clear that most Norman units were close to reaching the stamina values which would mean broken divisions and a Viking victory. The Vikings were relatively unscathed, their shieldwall having proved extremely effective. A win for the Vikings then.

Thanks for looking.



  1. Good pictures of the figures, shame about the pug ugly players getting in the way!