Sunday, 27 September 2015


We had a game of Hail Caesar at the club using my Normans and Vikings. Myself and Dave took the Vikings while Mick and Tom took the Normans.

The Normans.

The Vikings with mercenary cavalry.

The Viking left flank.

The Normans advance.

The mercenaries move to outflank the Normans using the hill to move unseen.

The Viking right flank advances.

The Viking archers advance ahead and move into range.

But before they are able to fire they are charged by a unit of Norman infantry. Although able to evade they decide to stand and fight.

They are defeated.

And forced to retreat.

But they are reengaged by the Norman infantry. Seeing this a second unit of Viking archers charges the infantry's flank.

The mercenaries move atop the hill and see the Norman cavalry's flank exposed.

One unit of archers is wiped out.

While the other retreats.

The Norman cavalry advance and the crossbowmen turn to cover their flank.

The Cavalry engages the viking infantry.

One unit is pushed back and the other engages.

A second unit of Viking infantry engages the cavalry's flank.

Norman and Viking infantry square up.

The Mercenaries attempt do charge the Norman cavalry flank but the Norman are able to turn in time.

After a ferocious fight the Normans are pushed back. 

But the mercs immediately reengage.

The Normans fighting the infantry fare no better also being pushed back.

They are also reengaged.

The Norman crossbowmen attempt to assist their cavalry by charging the mercenary flank.

The Norman right flank finally advances.

The fierce combat continues between the viking infantry and Norman cavalry.

But the Normans are again pushed back.

The mercenaries fare even better then their allies as they defeat their opponents and send them fleeing off the battlefield.

The mercs turn to face the now outmatched crossbowmen.

Who are forced to retreat.

A unit of Norman infantry are also routed.

As the Norman left flank crumbles the Vikings prepare to finish off the outnumbered Normans.

The mercenaries engage the remaining unit of Norman cavalry.

And the Normans are again pushed back.

The end is nigh for the Normans.

We called it a day at this point as the Normans were clearly heading for defeat.
A very enjoyable game,well for me and Dave anyway.

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    1. Thanks Scotty, need to check your Blog out, you've probably painted half a dozen armies since i last looked!

  2. Looks very nice, beautiful armies!