Wednesday, 30 December 2015


A couple of the lads at the club have some excellent Pacific war figures and have been keen to get them onto the table. This Bolt Action set too was the result. US Marines versus the Japs.
The table set up. 

A squad of Marines.

More taking cover in the jungle

A rather nice Japanese tank

A Sherman lies in wait.

TheJaps make their way through the jungle.

This is one of the Jap soldiers armed with a bomb ready to die for the Emperor,

Infantry move up to support the tank.

Another squad of Japs head towards the Marines position.

The Marines 50 cal lies in wait.

The Japanese command section.

Spotters look for targets.

Bamboo sticks are the weapon of choice for these lads, good luck with that fellas!

One of the objectives is to capture the building.

The Japs take casualties.

Marines taking cover.

The Japanese advance on the machine gun.

They take out two of the crew.

Squads of Marines move through the jungle.

The Japanese do the same.

American fire forces the Japs to duck for cover.

The little tufts are pin markers.

The Sherman seeks cover while awaiting targets.

Attacking a tank with sticks seems like a good idea.

A suicide squad are slightly better equipped for the job though.

More casualties and pin markers on this squad.

Mortar fire comes in

Pin markers are mounting and beginning to affect the troops ability to obey orders.

The machine gun is finished off!

and is removed.

The  mortar attack was off target and a blue on blue resulted

A Jap section approaches the target building.

Marines also closing in.

Marines take effective fire again.

The tank spots Marines in the far distance

It opens an effective fire.

Suicide bomber and bamboo squad attack the tank

The bomber reaches his target,

and brews it up along with himself! The Emperor will be proud.

The bamboo boys advance.

With the Sherman destroyed the Jap tank comes out to play.

A Marine sniper looks for targets.

Japanese troops advance supported by the tank.

Marines take more casualties.

as do the Japs


Han to hand fighting

American casualties are high.

Another suicide bomber makes the ultimate sacrifice

and takes out the section.

The game ended with a Japanese victory. The blue on blue didn't help but losing the Sherman prove d critical. 

We have played these rules quite a bit recently and are looking into doing a Pacific war campaign. The club has recently purchased some new gaming mats including a beech landing one so no doubt these will be getting some use during the campaign games in due course.

Thanks for looking.

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