Wednesday, 6 March 2013

I bought these Normans in November of last year from John Blenkey from the club.
Some were painted by John but most were done by Dave Huntley who is also a member of the club.
All the miniatures are Perry from the Crusades range.
I like Normans because of the history behind them. and the large number of enemies they had to fight.

The army consists of 3 cavalry units, 1 unit of crossbowmen 1 unit of archers and 2 units of heavy infantry. This will make 2 divisions for Hail Caesar games.

Unit of 20 archers.

14 crossbowmen.

Lance armed mounted knights.

Sword armed knights.

Another unit of mounted knights.

Mailed spearman unit 1.

Sword and axe armed unit.

Finally a brief update on progress made on another project- ZULUS.............

Warlord Zulu starter army, 120 multi part plastic figures look extremely comfortable in their nice new box! Shame to disturb them really.

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