Wednesday, 6 March 2013

I started collecting Vikings about 2 years ago the reason being because I like the look of them and the various units and weapons.
I started off with Gripping Beast plastics. Then adding some Old Glory archers,
then I got a Foundry Viking army for Christmas adding some Gripping Beast metals after that. This comes out at nearly 300 figures, enough for a couple of divisions for Hail Caesar although i may try Crusader rules as i like systems with figure removal.
There are 2 ways this project will get finished. Either i learn to paint or i wait until Mick gets his cataract fixed. The sooner he has the operation the better then!

This is all of the figures in various stages of completion.

GB plastic Hirdmen with Foundry metals behind.

Foundry metal figure on a temporary base for some Saga practice games.

A mix of OG, GB and Foundry undercoated.

Foundry Hirdmen, Bondi and Berserkers.

Foundry mighty Gudrek Thorsteinson the Jarl of Ravensfjord!

Foundry and OG metals ready for basing material to be added.

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