Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Column v line rerun.

Following the comments left by Neil after the first game we ran the game again with the corrections applied. The results were far more pleasing to "us British".

Here are a few pictures of the proceedings.

The French advance in mixed order.

The British await them on the reverse slope masked by their skirmish screen.

French skirmishers engage their British counterparts and inflict casualties.

The British return fire in their go and both sides have taken casualties by this stage.

A French command blunder resulted in the combined Grenadier battalions advancing to their rear with their  usual Gallic flair! This turned out to be significant as the French plan involved these turning the right flank of the British line.

The French continue their advance pushing the British skirmishers back but falling short of charging home.

The other French brigade also falls short.

The British advance to the crest of the ridge and open fire using the first fire rule. As the french conscripts had the wavering rule those taking casualties tested morale, some of them being dissordered from firing. Mixed results had some units holding their ground but a couple of others were pushed back and one 'legged i't out of the game.

French skirmishers attack the gun inflicting more casualties on it resulting in a morale test which they failed.

The french combined grenadier battalions returned to the fray to try and flank the British line. The next roll for initiative would be crucial but we were running out of time so we threw the dice out of curiosity. The British won which would have resulted in them being able to secure their flank using initiative moves.

Here are a few more pictures of the game:-

The game played out more like reality this time. It really does help if you get the rules right! Thanks Neil.

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  1. For those who are wondering, we dice for initiative each turn instead of following the rules. I reckon the British should get +3 to their initiative throw for BEING BRITISH!