Sunday, 3 February 2013

The year is 1050AD a force of Normans are returning from a raid taking a shortcut through a nearby wood.
Little do they know a force of bloodthirsty Vikings have seen them coming and set up an ambush.

Escape the board via the bottom end of the top picture havkng entered from the opposite end.
Wipe out the Normans
The rules we used for this game were Saga. It had been a while since we last played it so it took a little longer than it was supposed to
The Game
The first turn started out with the normans coming onto the board and entering the wood
There was no sign of the enemy so we moved onto turn 2 as the normans moved further into the woods.
Still no sign of the enemy so we moved to turn 3 the Normans moved closer to the edge of the wood suddenly a group of Viking archers appeared behind a hedge and launched a volley of arrows at the Norman cavalry unfortunately causing no casualties.
The Norman cavalry moved so that the Norman crossbowmen had a clear line of sight to fire at the enemy but before they could fire the Vikings launched another hail of arrows this time on the crossbowmen causing 2 casualties.
Seeing what was happening the Norman warriors started moving up to support the crossbowmen
until a force of Bondi burst out of some dense forrest and slammed into their flank.
In the ensuing battle the Normans lost 3 men  but managed to kill 4 Vikings forcing them to retreat.
The Viking archers at the end of the woods were not fairing much better losing 3 men to crossbow fire.

The Norman warlord having been forgotten in the chaos was then set upon by 4 Viking hearthguards.
Fighting valiantly he managed to kill 1 and forced the other 3 to run back into the woods.
The hearthguard were then joined by their warlord who let out a cry "FOR THOR" they then proceded to charge the Norman warriors.
Another hail of crossbow fire killed 3 more archers.
Unable to fire back out of fear things then got worse for the Vikings as the Norman cavalry then charged them.
Killing 2 without reply.
killing 1 Norman warrior the Viking warlord and hearthguard were pushed back into the woods again.
At this point we decided to call it a day and gave the Normans the victory although they didnt get off the board they managed to kill a majority of the Vikings.
And only losing 2 crossbowmen and 4 warriors.
The Vikings lost for the most part because of really unlucky dice rolls
and some good dice rolls from the Normans. Maybe theyll have better luck next time.
Well thats the end of my first battle report. Thanks for reading and any suggestions about improving these reports are welcome.
My next report will be 28mm napoleonics we are playing on wednesday and hopefully I will be able to post it a bit sooner than this one.


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