Friday, 8 February 2013

Column vs Line
A short trial game to test out some of the new rules from Albion Triumphant.
Set in Spain during the Peninsula war around 1812 (yes i know the French flags are wrong!). A Brigade of the 5th Division try to hold off 2 brigades of French conscripts. The British defend a ridge while the French are advancing in columns screened by skirmishers, The grenadier companies have been amalgamated into combined grenadier battalions.
Black Powder with Albion Triumphant supplement. A KGL light battalion was added to the 5th Division to test the mixed order rule.
Test the new rules out without worrying too much about who wins or loses!
The Game
The British won the initiative and elected to only fire their artillery without effect.
The French 2nd brigade was successfully ordered to advance two moves while the 1st, ordered to do the same decided they would rather not! The French skirmishers fired at their British counterparts without effect.
The British again won the initiative withe the skirmish line and artillery firing and inflicting some casualties. The French conscripts that suffered casualties having the 'wavering'rule tested morale but passed.
Both French brigades were successfully ordered to advance, the 2nd to 6 inches from the British line and the 1st to charge home which they did getting 3 moves. The 1/38th gave up the first fire option to use steady line special rule allowing them to fire and counter charge. The British lost the melee and fell back 1 move. The French didn't fare much better as one of the conscript units took a casualty and threw a 3 with their morale test causing them to disperse. A supporting unit passed but the Grenadiers threw a 4 and also dispersed.
The 1st brigade fired ineffectively leaving the British to their turn. The 1st foot and the 9th charged home the 1st taking casualties from closing fire. The 1st, facing 2 battalions lost their melee but passed the morale test. while the 9th were pushed back after also losing.
As it was 9.30 we decided to call it a day and have a re-run at the next club night, still undecided about the steady line rule, particularly against these conscripts where 1st fire would have done the same job without the risks of melee. Also the conscript status of the French infantry was not enough to balance out their numerical superiority so the British will be made large units next time to compensate.


  1. Ok chaps, did you remember to alter the French line battalion stats as follows?
    Normal hand to hand 6.
    Both voltigeur and grenadier companies detached therefore now a small battalion -2 to reflect the SIZE reduction
    Grenadier company removed , -1 to combat factor to reflect the FIGHTING ABILITY reduction.
    So the French battalions fight with 3 dice each.

    The grenadier battalion looks to have been made up of the companies from 4 other battalions and was therefore a full strength battalion with 7 dice in hand to hand.

    I might actually get to the club this week!

    1. Hi Neil, just got back from holiday so hence the late reply! As usual you are absolutely right, we forgot all of that! Take the 'rules Guru' out of the equation and everything goes to rat shit.

      Anyway i'm blaming Tom for amalgamating the Grenadiers. Should have known better than to give him the French.