Thursday, 7 February 2013

We played a game of Bolt Action on Wednesday night. This is a battle report of what happened.
The date is the 10th of June 1944. 4 days after D-Day an American troop have been sent to capture 2 buildings that the Germans are suspected to be holding but the Germans have seen them coming and are laying in wait.
Capture both houses and kill,capture or rout the Germans.
Hold both houses from enemy attack.
The Game
After being informed some Americans were approaching. Two German units moved to defend the buildings.
The Americans then moved towards the buildings.
Another unit of Germans arrive to help.
An American unit moves further towards the first building. Coming into range of the Germans who fire and kill 1 American.

The American Mortar attempts to bomb the building but misses.An American LMG arrives and moves towards the Germans.
Another unit of Americans moves through the treeline and are fired upon losing 1 man.
They return fire killing 2 Germans.
The third unit of Germans moves up to a barricade. And open fire on the Americans next to the woods. Killing 3 of them.

The Germans in the building open fire on the same unit killing another 1.
The German Colonel and his bodyguards arrived and moved towards the second building, And took cover behind a wall.

The unscathed American unit moved forward and opened fire on the Germans behind the barricade killing 1.

The other American unit opened fire on the same unit and killed 2

The Germans in the building one again fired at the Americans and killed another 2.

The Germans behind the barricade seeing the approaching Americans decided to abandon the others and started moving toward the second building.
The Mortar once again fired on the building but this time hitting the target killing 1 rifleman.
The Americans then launched a hail of LMG fire on the building killing another German.

The Americans then charged the remaining Germans wiping them out in the process and taking no casualties.

The American LMG moved up and opened up on the German command squad behind the wall. Killing the Colonel and 2 bodyguards. The remaining bodyguard then ran away.

 What was left of the other American squad fired at the Germans in the second building killing 1.The other German unit took cover behind the wall and fired at the enemy unit killing 2, And forcing the last one to retreat.

The Germans in the building opened up on the LMG killing him.

At this point we finished.
This result was decided because the Americans only managed to capture 1 building.
And because the Germans only managed to hold 1 building.
Well that is another battle report. I wont be doing one next week because I'm going on holiday. But I will do one the following week.
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