Thursday, 16 May 2013

We had a game of 15mm World War 2 on Wednesday and one of the quickest games I have played in my 4 years at the club.
Both sides must capture the others headquarters.
The German headquarters just visible on the left in the house and the American HQ in the other house to the right


9 bases of infantry
Three 6 pounder anti tank guns
4 armoured jeeps,4 bazooka teams and 2 MG teams
4 half tracks and 5 Sherman's
4 M10 tank destroyers


5 Panzer IV and 2 Panther tanks
4 half tracks
2 pak 40s
6 units of infantry


The Americans moved first.

The M10 tank destroyers are placed on the American left and start to move up.

The Sherman's and half tracks move up the right and take cover behind some dead ground.

An American half track is fired at and destroyed by German pak 40s before it can find cover.

The Panzer IVs on the German right move up.

Followed closely by the half tracks.

The Panthers follow suit and move up the left.

The Sherman's fire on the the panthers damaging both but only suppressing one.

Two Panzer IVs fire on a American M10.

Destroying it.

Returning the favour another M10 fires on a Panzer and it to is destroyed.

 The remaining Panzer's quickly destroy the other M10.

The remaining two M10s(with help from some amazing dice rolls by the newly nicknamed Tom"Dice Wizard"Knutt) manage to fire 5 consecutive times destroying all but one Panzer IV.

The Sherman's destroy one Panther and suppress the other.

The German pak 40s return fire and suppress a Sherman.

The remaining Panzer IV attempts to get closer to the M10s but is quickly destroyed.

After seeing all the tanks in front of them destroyed the German half tracks offload the infantry.

And foolishly charge down the road towards the American HQ.

The lead half track is quickly suppressed by an American 6 pounder.

The remaining three keep moving down the road.

A second half track is suppressed by an M10.

The remaining half tracks stubbornly continue down the road only for one to be destroyed by a Bazooka.

 At this point the Germans with only 2 pak 40s some infantry and a panther tank that was continually being suppressed remaining decided to surrender.
Blitzkrieg Commander
We may tinker with the command blunder rule to make them a bit more severe.

Next up is a 20mm Afghanistan game on Saturday

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