Monday, 13 May 2013

It was up to Scotland for this year's Carronade in Falkirk on Saturday. I was looking forward to this year's show as I had quite a bit of money to spend. Mick and I got on the road by about half 7 and as there wasn't much traffic we got there at 9:55. The show had already started by then. We immediately saw Tom from the club and he directed us to our game. The club was doing a Wild Geese Participation Game which in my opinion looked rather good. We put our gear next to the table and went for a look around.

First up was a Charge Of The Light Brigade participation game which me and Mick both played. The aim of the game was : 5 units of horse 1 unit per player and the 1st unit to reach the Russian guns wins a prize.  Unfortunately I did not realise it was a race until halfway through the game and Mick didn't realise either until after .the game had finished. We both lost but we got some Turkish delight for playing. Anyway onto the pictures.

Kirriemuir Wargames Club-The Charge Of The Light Brigade

Border Reiver Wargames Club-The Wild Geese

Gourock Wargames Society- Battle Of Brandywine

Gourock Wargames Society-Battle Of Freeman's Farm

Bathgate Wargames Club-THEM

Blue Bears

Westerhope Wargames Club-Attack On Antonine Wall

Pheonix Wargames Club-Battle Of Chalons

Iron Brigade-WW1

Dumfries Wargames Club-VBCW

Old Meldrum Wargames Club-Battle Of Bantry Bay 1796

RAF Leuchars-Attack On The USS Essex

Dave Mac (Kallistra)-Battle Of Klyastitzy 1812

Durham Wargames Club-Battle Of White Marsh 1777 54mm

League Of Augsburg-Donnybrook 17th Century Skirmish

Angus Wargames Club-Wild West

SESWG-Battle Of Nachod 1866

DWARF-Da Battle At Orcs Drift

Not sure about this one.

Glasgow District Wargames Society-Battle Of Murt 1213

Critical Mass Games-Critical Mass

GWP-The Battle Of Elgin VBCW

Hawk Wargames-Drop Zone Commander

Dumbarton Wargames Club-Operation Market Garden

Dunfermline Wargames Club-American Civil War 15mm

There were a few other games but I didn't manage to get any pictures of them.We got chatting to the guys from Westerhope Wargames Club and found out they operate just down the road from where we live so we are planing to attend their club at some point.

For once I didn't buy very much only purchasing a flames of war box set OPEN FIRE from Caliver for £42.50. That's the least Ive spent at a Wargame show in about 2 years.

Overall it was a good show.  A good mix of traders and games.  A big thanks to the guys at the Falkirk club for putting it on.

Next up on Wednesday WW2

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  1. Nice reprt and pics. Some nice looking games. It's a show I've never made but looks like a good one