Sunday, 16 February 2014

28mm Spanish Taverna


Having sold my previous set of buildings to raise some fund for new toys i will be wanting in the near future its time to make more . First up will be a Taverna followed by some houses, a Municipal building and a villa.

Materials used are MDF, card and plastic pantile roof sheets. Render is simply white filler with brown paint added so that any chipping wont reveal white bits.

Carl has been helping with all of these projects for once, probably has an ulterior motive in wanting me to make some 40k buildings!
Having cut out the windows and doors the walls are glued together. 

Card corner stonework added. 

Arched front piece added and card corners added. 

The brown render has been added. 

The back. 

First coat of masonry paint, Homebase toffee cream then Sandtex Ivory stone on top. 

Windows added with some open for variety and mounted on its base.

The walls added and textured with plaster used for the path. Roof sections added and Santex Hot brick brushed over a dark chocolate undercoat.

First dry brush of the roof and the garden walls with Toffee cream. Shutters added to windows.Texture added to the garden. This was simply dried out tea from tea bags. These have also been highlighted. 

Final highlight of Ivory stone with static grass and a couple of tables added.

The finished model with some rope hanging from the wall. 

I have done two of these, one for my own use and the second is on Ebay Link. Selling these duplicates helps fund new toys and a big order for Calpe is on the horizon together with an order to Mabuhay painting service for a brigade of Austrians which i just cant face painting!

This is similar to the villa i will be doing for my own use. This one has just been sold on Ebay so i need another for my own games.

I'll be doing updates for this during the week and hope to have it finished by Friday

Thanks for looking.


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  1. Very nice - inspired and inspiring work. Thanks for sharing!