Saturday, 1 February 2014


Myself and Mick played our very first game of Star Wars X-wing on Sunday.

We just played a straight head to head between my X-wing and Micks two Tie fighters.

 Luke Skywalker prepares to take on two Tie fighters.

 While one Tie fighter seemingly turns to retreat the other continues towards Skywalker.

 He opens fire on the X-wing.

 He scores two hits but does not destroy the enemy.

 Skywalker keeping calm returns fire.

 And scores one hit.

 The other Tie fighter regains his composure and turns to help his wing man.

 Skywalker manages to fire another burst of shots onto the Tie fighter.

 He scores one hit but it is deflected.

 Both Tie fighters close in on Skywalker.

 The other Tie fighter opens fire for the first time.

 He scores a hit but it is deflected by the X-wings shields.

 Another round of fire on Skywalker.

 This time two shots get past his shields.

 The X-wing is taking a pounding but Skywalker remains calm and fights on.

 Skywalker turns head on towards a Tie fighter. 

 But the Tie is quicker and fires first.

Scoring one hit which is deflected.

Skywalker returns fire.

But both of his hits are deflected.

Both ships fire another volley at each other.

The Ties hits are deflected once again.

While Skywalker gains one hit.

The Tie is on its last legs now.

Seeing the Tie damaged Skywalker again attempts to destroy it. 

But he fails to hit

Skywalker now takes on the other Tie fighter.

The Tie fires first but fails to hit.

As does Skywalker.

The other opens fire.

But Skywalker's shields do their job.

Skywalker is within range of both Ties but decides to fire at the damaged one.

3 hits.

The Tie erupts into a catastrophic explosion now the odds are even.

His celebrations are short lived however as he is attacked by the remaining Tie fighter. 

It scores two hits.

The hits overwhelm Skywalker's shields and destroy his ship and he is killed in the resulting explosion.
A victory for the Empire and a catastrophic defeat for the rebellion as they lose one of their greatest heroes.
I liked this game as the rules are quick and simple.
Mick will be doing a Napoleonic Command report in the next few days and i will be doing a show report of Vapnartak in York.
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  1. Star Wars X-Wing is great fun! My regular gaming has been moved to the side temporarily whilst Star Wars has come to the fore (for the time being anyway!). Great After action report :-)
    Best wishes,