Monday, 30 March 2015

The 45 minute wargame!

Having recently purchased One hour Wargames by Neil Thomas for Kindle i thought it was about time i gave them a go. Of course these are pretty basic rules but feedback on social media sites seem favourable if  taken as a bit of fun to be had with toy soldiers.

I picked out  scenario 6 'Flank attack 1' based on Salamanca using the Horse and Musket rules, Chapter 13. The French have been ordered to break through a small British blocking force and capture the enemy supply base. The British have spotted this and launch an attack against the French flank.

Both armies have 6 infantry units.The British have two blocking units facing south and 4 units on the eastern table edge facing west.
The French are deployed to the west facing the blocking force. The French must exit the table via the road on the northern edge.

Victory conditions- The French to get 3 units off the table to the north. Failure gives victory to the British.

Units are eliminated when they get 15 casualties.
 Initial deployment

British blocking force

The French deployment.

British flank attack.

The British advance

The French move forward

The British close to musketry range

NOTE- you cant move and fire with these rules so the British did not open fire.

Two French units stand and fire while the other 4 continue to advance.

The first unit throws a six causing that number of casualties.

The second throws a 5

Next go the British return fire. 4 hits

The next unit throws a six.

 The 2 French units continue to protect the flank of the other 4 units. A 3 from the first unit

and the same from the second.

The blocking force joins in but the firing is ineffective.

More British units have moved into the firing line.

The First French unit breaks 

Exposing the French flank

And a second unit breaks.

The British begin to envelop the French. As i was planning to punch through the blocking force with my remaining 4 battalions it was at this point i discovered only cavalry are allowed to engage in melee, infantry must slug it out with musketry. Should have read the rules again!

A French battalion forms line.

But the British, not having moved this turn are able to fire.

Fench casualties are mounting

and the unit breaks. The French must now get all 3 remaining units off to win.

The first British unit to fire throws a 1!!!

The first French unit makes it off the table.

2/122nd are the lucky lads.

 Another British unit opens fire.

And another.

The unit breaks securing a British victory.

So 2 French units escaped.

2/118th also escape.

Well the rules are pretty basic but the game was a bit of a laugh and finished in 45 minutes. The only way i can see the French winning is to plough forward with all 6 units and then engage the blocking force with 2 or 3 units while the others escape. 

Thanks for looking in.

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