Sunday, 5 April 2015

6mm MDF city

 We have been working on these for some time now having extended the number of buildings from the original 5 that were used in Nrthumbria painting service/MBM Scenery Epic 40k game put on at Targe late last year.

The 4 front ones were the originals but things are starting to get a bit bigger now!

Many of these have ruined versions now.

Some of the larger ones 

6mm tanks are shown for scale,

Roofs and roof details are interchangeable.

Apart from the Government building which is not shown this is the largest.

All of the roofs are removable.

Available as unpainted kits on the website-

Also available from-


  1. Very impressive mate, stll going on Wed?

  2. Thanks Dave. Yes should be there. Had a text from Darren and he is also turning up.