Sunday, 26 April 2015

6mm WW2 project ruined buildings.

I have been making 6mm buildings for other people for some time now and thought it was about time i came up with a project of my own to put them to good use. I have chosen to go for Eastern front and have been looking at available figures. The two ranges i have found are produced by Adler and Irregular.  Adler only do infantry but Irregular do infantry tanks and aircraft. I will probably go for Adler infantry and Irregular tanks and artillery. Irregulars website uses price codes which i'm not a great fan of. Why on earth can't companies who do this just put the damned price in?

At less than £6 for nearly 100 figures i will send off an order this week for  both Russians and Germans. I have never painted 6mm before so no doubt there will be a bit of trial and error with getting the colour shades right on these dwarfs!

As for the buildings i have the first 8 on show here.They are made from MDF and cardstock with my own rubble mix added. After painting and dry brushing they all got the candle treatment to make them look fire damaged. The models i used are available in kit form here Link

The figures used for scale are 6mm Vietnam war.

5 storey building sandstone base coat.

Two grey buildings and 3 sandstone.

All 8 buildings with the 4 sandstone on the left with the grey ones to the right.

The grey sector

Sandstone sector

This was the first building i did.

I have a road system under construction and will do an update when the sections for this part are finished together with some more suitable figures.

If anyone knows of other good ww2 6mm ranges please feel free to point me in the right direction.

More to come soon.



  1. Love those buildings!

    I'd go with Adler for the figures, and ... possibly? (I had them as a kid, haven't seen any for a while) Heroics and Ros for the vehicles. The figs would be at a larger scale (1/285) to the vehicles (1/300), but I think it could look great.

    Best, Seb

  2. Thanks for the suggestions Seb, i think i will do Adler for the infantry. I will need to look into H&R but the difference shouldn't be too noticeable.