Saturday, 25 June 2016

Air combat in WW1

Its been quite a time since we did a game report but that is down to being bloody lazy rather than a lack of gaming.

These pics have been on my camera, which happens to be able to make phone calls too, for some time so this will be picture heavy as i cant remember what happened!!!!

The rules used were a mix of two sets written by Chris and John, the result beng a set that has the right feel for WW1 air combat.

The game uses a hex mat as shown below.

Dice are thrown to show which level you start at. The British-

The Germans.

Flight stands are made from aerials and magnets by Chris allowing the planes to pivot.

Germans manouvering, one diving and the other turning.

Coloured tokens represent each side and are drawn randomly out of a bag to see who goes next. The token is then placed behind the plane one it has completed its turn.

The dice on the base are for the rounds each plane can fire.

A nice dogfight ensues here.

And another between the other two planes.

The Hun gets his man.

A target rich environment for the remaining plucky allied pilot.

This doesn't look good!

Our plucky survivor heads for home for tea and medals to fight another day.

We usually finish a game having tweaked the rules a bit so i'm sure this game would have been no different. Chris has since purchased a new mat with less obtrusive hexes and this will feature in the next game no doubt.



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