Saturday, 25 June 2016

WW2 Iron Cross game

20mm Germans v British.

We have really been getting into this set of rules as its quite quick to learn and play. A word of caution though. This has to be the most irritating set of rules ever if you're throwing crap dice and your opponent is throwing great dice! How it remains enjoyable when this happens i haven't quite been able to fathom out. Perhaps i need professional help! Anyway, on to the game.

As with the WW1 air combat game these were taken awhile ago so will also be picture heavy comment light. Apologies for that.

A Stug with supporting troops. 

A blown up Stug, i'm guessing i was the Germans! The blue discs show a unit has been activated. Each tank/squad has 1 activation plus the commander gets extras, all of which are placed in a pool and can be used to activate any unit, more than once if required. Initiative can be passed over to the opponent by the active player, Its often a good idea to save tokens in order to intervene when your opponent moves or fires.

As can be seen here some units have been activated more than once. The coloured tokens have since been replaced by small tufts of dirtied cotton wool to maintain the look of the table.

Second game using the same rules.

Again Germans v British with the Germans advancing down the table towards the British.

A tank commanders view of the battlefield.

A Sherman brews up. Note the tufts which have replaced the coloured discs.

Casualty discs record hits. Note from the tufts that one tank has been activated 4 times this turn,

A couple of Panzers are taken out. Note when a unit is destroyed its activation token is removed for the next turn.

 A troop of Panthers await suitable targets.

More German tanks are taken out.

Unfortunately this game can become quite engrossing and i forgot to take any more photos!

You can, however, find plenty of pictures of Iron Cross games and many others in fact, on our club website gallery here-


  1. There are very few games you can win if you consistently roll bad dice and your opponent rolls good all the time.

    1. True, but there are great differences in extremes. I have played a game of this where it was effectively over by the end of the first go!!!

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