Saturday, 1 June 2013

This report is about a few projects myself and Mick are doing at the moment. (Just to clarify I'm doing all the painting. I'm not sure Carl would know which way up to hold a paint brush! Mick.)
I've liked Spartacus and the Third Servile war ever since I watched the film but i only started collecting figures for this since I watched the TV series.
At first I was going to collect 28mm but I instead decided to use 10mm so I could get more figures on the table.
The rebels/slaves I have so far. I don't have a Spartacus figure yet but I'm hoping to get one soon.

Rebel cavalry, all slaves I have so far are Gauls originally but I'm getting more soon.

Rebel infantry

Rebel archers and slingers.


Roman auxiliary archers.

Roman cavalry. I've read the Romans didn't have much during this war but its nice to have some anyway.

Roman Legionaries and Centurions.

All the Romans.

I'm going to be getting some more figures at Durham wargame show on Saturday from Old Glory.

I'm hoping to get enough figures to play the battle of the Siler river the final battle in the war but due to the number of combatants it will take a while.

Napoleonic Russians and Austrians

Thanks to a useful post by Stavka over on WD3 about the Russians I have decided to get these two projects going. The plan is to do a brigade each of Austrians, Russians and Prussians to use against the French. These can then be expanded at leisure to divisions for each army.

The Russians

The 24 painted figures above were done over 3 nights after reading Stavkas topic. The other 7 will be painted tonight. I don't have mounted command figures yet but each unit will be 4 bases of 8 figures.

A Foundry Grenadier battalion painted about 10 years ago.

I'm planning to pick up the following from Dave Thomas at Durham next Saturday-

Pack of mounted Colonels
2/3 boxes of plastic infantry
2 x 6lbr gun and crew
2 x limbers
1 artillery cart

I will expand the artillery for GdeB but for the time being 2 will do.
With any luck this lot will be done by mid July. Then it will be some cavalry.

The Austrians

I have enough Perry and Victrix plastic figures to do at least 4 36 figure German battalions.

This is the first 36 figure battalion. I am halfway through the 2nd battalion. At the moment i have 4 horse and 4 foot artillery guns but only 1 horse gun painted. I will also need to place an order for some GMB flags for both of these armies.

Its all Greek to me!

I purchased a box of Victrix Greeks some time ago and quickly painted up a base for Hail Caesar.

Not really sure when I will get around to the rest but at least its a start!

Mick and Carl


  1. Mick, are those 60X40 bases for the Greeks?

    1. That's right Neil,a perfect fit for these figures.