Monday, 10 June 2013

This is the second game we played on Wednesday. In this game the sides switched objectives. This time the allies had to take reconnaissance photos of the bridge, the village and the factories using their Airco DH.4
I took the Airco and 1 Sopwith camel and Mick took the other.

Seeing Toms Albatros heading straight for him the Airco went down a height.

 The Airco begins its reconnaissance run taking photos of the bridge.

The Pfalz nearly crashes into Micks camel and the Albatros fires at my camel but causes no damage.

While taking photos of the village the Airco's engine is hit by AA fire and it cuts forcing the Airco into a glide.

The Airco crash lands and both the pilot and the observer are killed.

The Albatros is fired at by Micks camel and the pilot is hit in the stomach. He tries to break from combat but loses consciousness and crashes. The pilot is killed.

The Pfalz now outnumbered attempts to flee....

but has a change of heart and charges headlong into the fray.

The Pfalz fires at my camel but deals no damage.

The Pfalz again fires on my camel but once again causes no damage.

With dwindling ammunition the Pfalz finally decides to retreat.

I fire at the Pfalz but I don't cause any damage.

The Pfalz is fired at by my camel but only causes minimal damage.

The Pfalz outfoxes the camels and with its faster speed manages to get away.

In both games we used ALWAYS ABOVE rules by club member John Blenkey.

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  1. Great pictures, a very nice looking game...and blog!