Monday, 10 June 2013

We had a few games of wings of war on Wednesday.
We hadn't had a game of this in a while but we decided to after finding out thet Pete who was supposed to be bringing stuff to play Stalingrad couldn't make it.
The first game saw me and Mick take 2 Sopwith camels, our objective was to stop Tom and Phil bombing a group of munitions factories. Tom took the Roland C.II and the Albatros D.Va while Phil took the Pfalz D.III.

Me and Mick patrolling the area.

Tom(top of picture) moves toward his target.

For some reason the Albatros takes a right turn and nearly crashes into the Roland luckily both survive unharmed.

Neither of the camels have noticed the Germans yet.

  Finally realising they're under attack the camels move to intercept the Roland.

The Roland isn't having a good day this time the Pfaltz nearly hits it.

Mick fires at the Pfalz but causes no damage.

Mick and the Roland's rear gunner exchange fire but neither cause damage.My camel and the Pfalz also fire at each other with the same result.

The Pfalz and my camel narrowly miss crashing into each other, meanwhile the Roland circles round to position itself for the bombing run.

My camel turns to hold off the incoming Pfalz and Albatros while Mick accidentally turns the wrong way and starts to move away from the Roland.

Mick tries to correct his mistake but the Roland has already started its bombing run.

The Roland flies over the factories but the rear gunner is killed by anti aircraft fire before he can release the bombs.

The Pfalz pursues and fires on my Camel severely damaging its controls.

The Roland, unable to release its bombs, breaks from combat and flees closely followed by Mick who fires but only causes minimal damage.

My camel starts to lose height.

And crashes killing the pilot.

Mick fires the last of his ammo at the Roland but causes only minimal damage.

The Roland leaves the field and Mick tries to evade and escape.

Mick is able to outfox both the Pfalz and the Albatros and escape.

That's the end of the first game the second will be on another link.


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