Saturday, 1 June 2013

Pete brought up his giant robots on Wednesday in our first sci-fi game in a while.
Quite basic destroy the other team.
Battle 1
Myself,Tom and Pete took the 3 red and black robots while Mick,Darren and Phil(making a rare appearance) took the 3 green ones.

Phil and Micks robots move into the ruined town while Darren's takes position an a hill.

Tom and my robots move towards the hill at the centre of town while Pete's fails to move.

The two sides move closer.

Me being the natural coward that i am decided to hide behind Toms much bigger and stronger robot.

Pete fires at Darren but causes no damage.

Tom moves atop the hill to get a better view of the battlefield.

Phil's robot.

And Micks.

Tom fires at Darren but no effect.

Phil moves onto the hill and fires at me damaging my arm.

Mick moves round the hill and fires at me destroying my right arm.

Mick and Phil turn their attention towards Tom they fire everything at him.

They destroy his reactor turning his robot into a useless heap of metal.

Seeing this i decide to do an old tradition of mine RUN.

Phil then fires his missile launcher at me.

 And destroys my reactor.

Darren fires at Pete.

His shot goes straight through Pete's robot and it crashes to the ground.

A resounding victory for Phil, Mick and Darren.

Battle 2

Exactly the same scenario but my team got and extra robot. Although Pete described it as cannon fodder.

Tom took the new robot

Once again Darren took up a position on the hill.

 Phil and Mick move up.

Our side groups together.

Tom fires his missiles at Darren but causing no damage.

Me going on what happened last game i decided not to retreat and i attacked Mick but i only caused superficial damage.

Darren fires at Pete no damage.

I once again fired at Mick destroying his left arm.

Darren moves off the hill where tom fires at him again but only causing superficial damage.

Seeing Phil come round the corner Pete turns round and fires at Mick.

He causes catastrophic damage to Micks torso.

Tom takes his new robot and attacks Darren with his pop gun a bit of a David vs Goliath situation(while tom did his firing Darren went to the little wargamers room).

Darren returned to find his robot on the ground destroyed.

Phil fires at me but causes no damage while i return fire and destroy both of his arms.

With only his missile launcher remaining and all his comrades destroyed Phil decides to retreat.

Pete gives chase.

I also gave chase and got back into firing range but i only caused superficial damage to Phil's reactor.

 Phil attempts to get revenge. He turns and shoots his missile launcher causing major damage to my torso.

Phil once again tries to retreat with Pete starting to catch up.

Tom fires his robot at Phil's causing superficial damage to his legs.

Knowing that he is unlikely to escape Phil tries to take revenge on me for destroying his arms but doesn't deal any damage.

Pete blocks off any hope of escape Phil had but he continues to fight on.

I once again open fire on Phil.

This time destroying his legs forcing his robot to crash to the ground.

With a victory for each side we finished.

Next up on Wednesday The Battle Of Stalingrad.

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