Friday, 16 August 2013

Getting Saga right.

It was another game of SAGA this week this time featuring the Vikings and the Anglo-Danish. Another attempt to get to grips with the rules. We still got a couple of things wrong but we are getting there.
This week it was a straight head to head fight.
The Anglo-Danish-John/Dave/Tom
The Vikings-Myself/Mick/Phil
The Battlefield with the AD on the left and the Vikings on the right.The hedges were used purely to narrow the battlefield in accordance with the rules.

John took the AD warlord and the warriors ,Dave took the Huscarls and Tom took the archers.

Mick took the Viking warlord and hearth guard while i took the warriors and Phil took the archers.

The Viking warlord and his hearth guards move forward.

The AD warriors charge toward the Viking warlord but his hearth guards leap to his defence.

The Huscarls move to guard the warlord.

The hearth guard push the AD warriors back killing one of them but also losing one of their own in the process.

The Viking warlord and his remaining hearth guard charge the Huscarls.

The Danish archers move to support their warlord while the Viking warriors move to support theirs.

The warlord is pushed back and his remaining hearth guard are killed although they manage to kill one Huscarl.

The Viking archers finally decide to move into the battle.

The Viking archers move into range but only manage to kill one enemy archer.

The Viking archers move closer.

The AD archers fire on the Viking warriors killing four of them.

The remaining warriors are attacked by the AD warlord and the Huscarls and all but one are killed but they manage to take two Huscarls with them.

The two warlords clash.

The AD warlord is victorious but is unable to deliver the killing blow before the Viking warlord retreats.The battle seems to be going in the favour of the Anglo-Danish.

The AD archers open fire on their viking counterparts and kill two of them.

The two warlords clash for a second time.

This time the Viking warlord is victorious and the AD warlord is unable to escape and is brutally hacked to death.Although they still outnumbered the Vikings the Anglo-Danes lost all courage at the sight of their warlord being killed and promptly left the field.

Rules we still got wrong-
1. We did not get the turn sequence right with both sides rolling their dice at the same time instead of one after another.
2. We allowed the Warlord to give free  moves to any units within range instead of only one unit.

I'm sure there were others but these were the important errors. They wont happen again!

Next up is The Battle Of Vimeiro, an all day game on Saturday hosted by Neil.

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