Sunday, 18 August 2013

SPARTACUS-Roman Update

Just a brief update on the Roman Army for the slave revolt. I bought quite a lot of stuff for this from Pendraken at Claymore so i have enough figures to complete  the Pendraken legion with enough roman figures left to add into the slave army. I will be getting another pack of Old Glory Romans to complete the second legion. As the Roman did not have cavalry when they fought Crixus at Garganus i can at least get a game on the table when the rest of the painted figures for the slave army are based up.
The 2 legions, Legio 1 and Legio 3. When complete these will represent the 2 Legions at the battle commanded by Publicola.

 Army general

5 Centuries finished, figures by Old Glory.

Close ups of an Old Glory Century.

 Pendraken Legion 

Close ups of Pendraken Legion. 

Army General and 3 Divisional commanders.

We will do an update to the Slave army next week.


  1. Great looking figures, very impressive!!

  2. Excellent work! The army looks amazing!

  3. Thanks for the encouragement lads. Its nice to get some feedback.