Sunday, 4 August 2013


It was a war of the roses game on Wednesday using toms figures.
Myself and Mick were the Lancastrians while Tom was the Yorkists.
The battlefield with the Lancastrians on the left and the Yorkists on the right.

The Yorkists.

The Lancastrians.

Lancastrian pike men.

 Lancastrians advance in accordance with their orders to sweep their enemies from the field. 

Yorkist archers move forward despite their orders to fight a defensive battle.

 Men at arms cross the bridge.

Lancastrian archers advance and give fire. 
Lacastrian crossbowmen move forward.

Archers on the Lancastrian right move forward.

Their artillery open fire without effect. 

The Yorkist army continue to advance in spite of their original plan.

Yorkist archers continue forward and give fire with some effect.

 The Lancastrian army stubbornly refuse to obey their orders/

Yorkist archers form up in front of their pike men.

The Lancastrian archers fire and kill two Yorkist archers.

Yorkist men at arms charge their Lancastrian counterparts but take casualties from archer fire as they go in.

After a fierce fight the Yorkist's break and leave the battlefield. There is now a gaping hole in the Yorkist centre.  This was a disastrous attack by the Yorkist army as both units threw double 1 for their morale tests something i have never seen before! This pretty much sealed the fate of the Yorkists who immediately began to get as many units safely off the table as they possibly could.

The Yorkist right prepare to retreat.

As does the left.

The Lancastrian men at arms move forward and take fire from the Yorkist archers.

After taking fire from Lancastrian archers a unit of Yorkist archers is routed.

 A painfully slow pursuit enabled the Yorkist army to extricate itself.

The yorkist archers retreat but orders for the Lancastrians to follow are not obeyed.

The Yorkist forces retreat across the bridge.

Yorkist and Lancastrian archers exchange fire.

The Yorkist left begin to leave the field.

At this point we finished with the Yorkist forces leaving the the battlefield and the Lancastrians continuing to harass them but they will live to fight another day.

The rules we used were HAIL CAESAR/ PIKE AND SHOTTE.

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