Sunday, 28 July 2013

Black Powder Peninsula game.

This is the first Black Powder game we have played using some of the new rules introduced in Albion Triumphant 2. We used the column of companies rule quite a bit removing 2 bases to represent the reduced length of the column. As a result of this game i intend to re-base my light company figures from single bases to 2 single rank bases of 2 figures each for British and 3 each for French. This will ensure they can fit into a column formation or be used as a line of skirmishers.

For this game we removed the 'wavering' rule from the French conscript battalions as this would have given them virtually no chance in what was a fairly evenly matched encounter.

The British occupied a ridge as per their usual tactics and consisted of 2 Brigades of the 5th Division and an attached KGL Hussar regiment.

Setting up from the French side.

Setting up from the British side.

The starting positions.

The British win priority and their right flank brigade advance down the ridge.

A French brigade advance in column of companies.

The British left flank turn to face the advancing French.

Skirmishers line the hedges as another battalion takes position on the extreme left flank protected by impassable terrain on their flank.

British lines are assaulted by infantry and cavalry.

One French collumn fails to charge home but supports the assault.

On the right British Rifles advance and open fire on the exposed French infantry, their skirmishers having been concentrated further along the line. Casualties are taken.

Rifles take casualties from return fire.

Closing fire from the British fails to stop the French but one of their units is disordered. The British counter charge using the steady line rule.

French dragoons defeat the British skirmishers and conduct a sweeping advance into the British line behind. 

The French column, hampered by -2 for being in column of companies with their Voltigeurs detached fail to break the British line.

On the other flank a French column threatening the British Brigade forces the line to turn and face. 

British infantry and the KGL Hussars turn the French flank. The French failure to break through the British line begins  to have an impact on the battle.

The melee continues.

The French column in the centre takes casualties from infantry and artillery.

More casualties are inflicted on the French.

The melee in the centre continues resulting in the defeat of one of the French columns after a 3 was thrown for its morale test.

The Dragoons throw back the British line then hold their ground.

As casualties mount several units on both sides become shaken.

In the centre the French column forms line and fires on the British.

Another column joins the attack on the increasingly fatigued British line.

Once again the stand firm.

As we ran out of time the French had failed to break through the British lines but had secured their right flank against the British infantry and KGL Hussars. From this point the battle could still go either way. Had the French not detached their skirmishers they could well have broken the British but the -2 penalty for being in column of companies was just enough to allow the British to hold.

Me, Tom and Dave played the French. Carl and John were the British. Neil did most of the umpiring duties.

Next week i think will be Wars of the Roses.

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