Monday, 1 July 2013


We had a game of WW2 on Wednesday using Darren's Americans and Toms newly painted Germans.
The Battlefield.

A group of paras have landed and need to hold back the Germans till reinforcements arrive.The para forces consisted of 4 6pounder anti tank guns 3 mortars and 11 bases of infantry.

The Americans also had 4 105mm artillery pieces.

The reinforcements consisted of 4 M10 tank destroyers 4 armoured jeeps 5 Sherman's and 4 half tracks each carrying 4 units of infantry.

The German forces consisted of 7 Sturmgeschütz 3 Tiger tanks 4 trucks carrying 120mm mortars 4 81mm mortars and a company of infantry including a unit of panzershrek tank busters.

3 Sturmgeschütz move onto the field.

The anti tank guns open fire on the Sturmgeschütz.

Destroying one.

The rest of the Sturmgeschütz move up as do the trucks.

The German infantry moves up.

As do the tank busters.

The Germans.

The American 81mm mortars open fire.

They manage to destroy a Sturmgeschütz.

They fire again and destroy another Sturmgeschütz.

The tank busters and some infantry take cover.

The German 120mm mortars offload and set up.

The 81mm mortars set up and open fire.

They manage to destroy a Sherman.

2 anti tank guns are suppressed by German infantry fire.

The Tiger tanks arrive on the battlefield.

And one is immediately destroyed by the two unsuppressed anti tank guns.

The American artillery open fire.

They destroy a Sturmgeschütz 3 units of infantry and 4 panzershrek.

While all this was happening the armoured jeeps reached the paras position.

The half tracks slowly make their way there to.

Two tank destroyers are destroyed by German mortars.

The remaining two tank destroyers return fire and destroy another Sturmgeschütz.

German MG Teams open fire.

Killing the crew of two of the anti tank guns.

Another Sturmgeschütz is destroyed by Sherman's.

The remaining Germans then decided to retreat.

Darren and myself were the Americans while Tom and Mick were the Germans latecomer John took the Tiger tanks.

We decided that the reason for the German loss was that there was not enough cover for them and they were siting ducks out in the open while the paras were entrenched. We also failed to apply the rule giving a -1 in their own command phase to units using opportunity fire in the enemy turn. As the Americans had far more success than the Germans this could have made a difference.

The Germans lost 6 of the 7 Sturmgeschütz one tiger tank most of the tank buster squad and 3 units of infantry.

The Americans only lost two anti tank gun crews 1 unit of infantry and two tank destroyers.

A resounding victory for the Americans.

Next week 28mm Napoleonic.

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  1. Ouch! I wasn't aware the Americans had HEAT rounds for their mortars...

    Do the rules allow for smoke on the German side? That could have helped to isolate the paras from the reinforcements.

  2. Yes they do but we forgot about the rule until the after game discussion when dicussing what went wrong.Thats what happens when you get two Horse and Musket specialists try to play World War 2 Germans