Saturday, 13 July 2013


We had an Arab Israeli war game on Wednesday using Darren's 6mm figures.
The Battlefield with the Syrians on the right and the Israelis on the left.


The Syrians using Russian equipment

My forces consisted of 10 BTR's and 10 T-62's.

Micks forces consisted of 3 trucks transporting mortars 7 T-72's and two anti air guns.

The Israeli forces consisted of 13 APC's 10 Merkava's and a Mortar truck.

All set to begin.

The BTR's move forward.

The T-72's and the Trucks move forward as well.

The Israeli forces move forward.

The Israeli artillery fires smoke rounds in front of the oncoming T-72's

The Syrian artillery fires HE rounds just in front of the Merkava.

3 Merkava's and 3 APC's move towards the BTR's.

The T-72's continue forward despite the smoke.

The Israeli artillery fire lands dangerously close to the T-72's.

First blood to the Israelis as they destroy a T-72.

The Israeli Merkava's destroy two BTR's.

The Syrians lose another T-72 to Merkava fire and lose a Truck to enemy mortar fire.

The Syrian infantry offload.

The T-72's continue their advance.

The T-72's destroy two Merkava's.

The Syrian mortars deploy.

Both sides artillery is still ineffective.

Another Merkava is destroyed.

A T-72 is also destroyed.

A BTR is destroyed by a Merkava.

A Syrian Anti Tank launcher fires.

And destroys a Merkava.

The Syrian infantry moves toward the enemy.

The remaining BTR's charge the Israeli forces.

The Israeli infantry disembarks.

Another T-72 is destroyed.

The Israeli APC's move towards the dwindling forces on the Syrian right flank.

Four more BTR's are destroyed by Merkava fire while the remaining five attempt to take cover behind some smoke.

The Syrian artillery destroys the Israeli mortar.

The T-62's finally start to move off the hill.

The last remaining T-72 is destroyed.

Only the Anti Air gun remains of the Syrian right flank.

The remaining BTR's are destroyed.

We ran out of time at this point but with most of their forces destroyed we agreed that the Syrians would have lost this one.

The rules we used were MICRO ARMOUR. One thing i didn't like about these rules was that if you fire a Merkava at a BTR you don't even have to roll a dice as anything you roll results in the BTR being destroyed.

Next week Wild West.

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  1. A nice looking battle, I particularly like your explosion markers.

    1. Thanks Paul glad you liked them I think Darren made the explosion markers himself.

  2. You need to develop a more positive spin on your complete and utter defeats Carl.

    1. I didnt even get a chance to use my tanks. I know it was my fault for pulling them back behind the ridge but if i hadnt done that i would have easily defeated the Israelis(probably)