Friday, 19 July 2013


We had a game of wild west on Wednesday using Micks and some club figures.
The scenario was an outlaw has been captured and is going to be "questioned" on the location of the outlaws camp but his friends are going to try and break him out.
Phil and Myself were the outlaws while Tom and John were the good guys.Mick was the umpire.
The town with half the outlaws approaching from the left and another three in the church while the sheriff and his deputy's spread out around town.

The deputy's and vigilantes going about their business.

One of the outlaws hidden in the church tower fires his Winchester rifle at a deputy and wounds him.

Seeing the deputy wounded two more outlaws burst out of the church and fire.

Killing the deputy.

Three vigilantes burst out of the saloon and fire at the approaching outlaws but only manage to wound one(must be the whiskey).

Two deputy's move towards the the outlaws and fan their guns at them but do not kill either of them. One of the outlaws returns fire with his shotgun but misses as well.

One of the deputy's retreats to reload and another attacks the outlaws but he also misses.

The other four outlaws continue towards the jail.

The outlaw in the church tower claims a second victim.

One of the deputy's retreats into the Tinsmiths with the outlaws in pursuit.

The vigilantes take cover behind behind a waggon.

The outlaws reach the jail.

The vigilantes open fire and wound the shotgun wielding outlaw.

One of the outlaws moves round behind the vigilantes.

The outlaws take cover behind the jail.

A deputy comes out of the tinsmiths to confront the

The vigilantes kill an outlaw and wound the other.

The outlaw comes out of the tower and moves toward the jail.

One of the outlaws charges a deputy.

Meanwhile behind the jail a deputy attacks two outlaws.

An outlaw fires his six gun and kills a vigilante.

The deputy beats back the outlaws and wounds one.

The outlaw at the front of the jail fares no better as he too is pushed back and wounded.

the vigilantes and deputy's start to surround the outlaw in the centre of town while his Winchester wielding friend attempts to come to his aid.

A vigilante fires at the outlaw but misses.

The outlaw in the centre of town fires and kills another deputy.

The vigilante is again attacked but this time by two outlaws.

But still manages to beat them back.

And shoots one dead.

The vigilante on the balcony kills the outlaw in the middle of the town.

The remaining outlaws decide it is too risky to try and break him out and they decide that he is a loose end so they plant dynamite on the wall of the jail.

And they run for cover.

Their plan succeeds and he is killed in the explosion but the sheriff guarding him is unharmed.

At this point the outlaws retreated safe in the knowledge that their secrets are safe.

The rules we used in this game were Legends Of The Old West

The figures in this game are from various manufacturers but i believe that most are Dixon.

The buildings are made by Empires At War Studios

Next up is 20mm Afghanistan on Saturday.

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