Monday, 15 July 2013

28mm Russian Napoleonic update.

Just a brief update on the Russian project as a diversion from the battle reports.

I have chosen the 5th Division of 1st Corps 1813 at the battle of Dresden.
Brigade Lukov-      Perm Regiment       2 x 32 figures
                              Mohilev Regiment 2 x 32 figures
                 23rd Jager   2 x 32 figures
Brigade Vlassov-Kalouga Regiment 2 x 32 figures
                           Sievesk Regiment 2 x 32 figures
Div artillery 1- 12lbr Position battery
Div artillery  -  Light 6lbr
Attached cavalry- Grodno Hussars  24 figures

The first unit will be the Perm regiment.

1.5 Battalions painted

The first 2 6lbr foot guns

Figures for the second battalions, half the Grenadiers will be for the first as i have decided to split the flank company base in two so that the unit will look symetrical with the command base in the middle.

I get my flags from GMB but they do not appear to do flags for the Sievesk Regiment. I'll probably email Graham to what he can suggest.

I will do shoulder straps and pom poms when both battalions are based.

I will wait until the Border Reiver show to pick up the mounted commander pack from Dave Thomas.

These are all Perry plastics.

This has taken a back seat in the last few days as i have been painting up my British command figures for the 5th Division 1813. Pictures of those will be along next.




  1. Great job so far Mick, Should be hard nuts to crack on the table top!

    1. Thanks Dave hopefully ill have enough to put on the table top some day.Just been varnishing some british command figures and will be putting pics up in the next few days.