Thursday, 18 July 2013

Napoleonic- British 5th Division 1812 Command bases.

These are the 3 bases i have painted up for the 5th Division at Salamanca. As no manufacturer makes specific personality figures i have improvised. All figures by Front Rank.

Divisional Commander-Major General Leith   
The figure i used is General Lowry Cole who will eventually get his own Division. In the meantime he can pretend to be Leith! He is accompanied by an ADC. All of my Divisional Commanders will be 2 figure bases.


Grenvilles Brigade

This is the Edward Paget figure standing in for

Grenville so he is minus a left arm. I dont suppose anyone will notice!

Pringles Brigade

This figure is the Edward Pakenham figure standing in for Pringle.

Some of the figures have white dots on them which i think is caused by my spraying the matt varnish from too far away. Some of the particles have dried before getting to the model. I believe the solution is to respray the gloss then the matt. At least i hope that works.

I will do some pics of the whole division when i get some time (and space!)


  1. Very nice work, both painting and basing.

  2. Thanks Johnny. Yes my basing has improved dramatically over the last year or so, been pretty crap at it for decades! At the end of the day it boils down to listening to people who can do it better and using the right material.